Role-playing games on TikTok: “choose your adventure” is the new challenge

Users take advantage of the social network tools to propose entertaining scenarios for their followers. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo (DADO RUVIC/)

One of the characteristics of TikTok is that it allows the users explore your creativity by creating entertaining content that generates interactions with people and that has the potential to go viral both inside and outside the platform either in the form of video or carousel of Photosbut taking advantage of the tools offered by the social network.

One of the trends which can be found in the applicationin addition to those related to musicdances and funny content takes by name “choose your adventure”, videos and carousels of images that have the objective of placing users in fantastic contexts so that they interact with a series of decisions that will modify the course of events and produce different alternative endings.

The contents don’t necessarily have one theme in particular, but they are related to fictional situations, mystery or horror adventures that include specific instructions that users must follow in order to have a experience more immersive. It is generally also accompanied by music within the application to create a more suitable environment according to the type of history that will be counted

How to play with this type of content

At first one of the characteristics of this type of publication TikTok is that each Photo It is considered as a “page” that contains a premise under which to act or a piece of information from which to consider two or more options. These usually have several photographs that include texts that must be read carefully to be able to choose correctly because some contain information necessary to continue with match.

Another important condition is that the users they should not previously explore the results of decisions or the endings that exist, since react or interact with these publications for the first time increases the level of curiosity and, therefore, a greater interest is created in knowing what the results of the decisions.

Follow the instructions verbatim is important. Sometimes the decision that is made will require skipping two or more images of the carousel that also have content, but the user should avoid reading their contents so as not to ruin the experience. The narratives are not linear, so it is possible that the results of some decisions are in images past.

“Choose your adventure” the trend with photos on TikTok that replicates role-playing games

When the end of the adventure and has not finished reviewing the images it is most probable that there was a decision that altered the course of the historyso it is possible to return to that point to make different decisions and explore other possibilities, even when these are not entirely satisfactory for the client. Username.

Role-playing game with Artificial Intelligence

Text-based role-playing games using TikTok they are not the only way that users can generate mystery dynamics with role-playing games. The Web page of Character AI It has available chat windows with which it is possible to create a story based on these games with the difference that there are no options, but users can write the decision they would make.

Inside of page of “” you can find a section dedicated only to the RPG games or role play and in which you can decide what kind of adventure follow up.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to play text-based role-playing games.  (Capture)
Artificial Intelligence allows you to play text-based role-playing games. (Capture)

The chatbot will present a series of premises that the Username must consider to make the decision of what attitude or action to take before continuing with the history that artificial intelligence poses.

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