Roman Abramovich could sell Chelsea for an astronomical figure: what the main candidate to buy him said

Roman Abramovich could part with Chelsea amid Russia’s conflict with Ukraine (Photo: REUTERS) (Suzanne Plunkett/)

That chance that Roman Abramovich stop owning the Chelsea is growing, as the problems faced by the Russian tycoon with the United Kingdom They push him to put the English club on the market and some offers from potential buyers begin to emerge, according to the British press. As the Russian army advances in the Ukraine, there is a Swiss billionaire eager to buy the club if Abramovich decides to sell it.

The Russian oligarch 55 yearswho bought the Blues in 2003 and has turned them into a world soccer power based on excessive financial injections, put a price on the institution that he led to win five Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies: around £4 billionAs reported Daily Telegraph.

The aforementioned medium also points out that Abramovich has previously rejected offers worth £2.2 billion but that there are still some interested in gaining control of the Chelseaincluding Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss.

Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003 and transformed it into a European football powerhouse (Photo: Reuters)
Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003 and transformed it into a European soccer powerhouse (Photo: Reuters) (Reuters Staff/)

Wyss has offered to negotiate for the club Stamford Bridge in what could indicate a total change of direction for the reigning European champion. ”Abramovich is trying to sell his assets in England and also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly.commented Wyss in the Swiss newspaper Blick. “On Tuesday, three people and I received an offer to buy the club. Now I have to wait four or five days. Abramovich asks too much and as you know Chelsea owes him 2 billion or so but they don’t have money to pay him.”, he added.

The Swiss businessman referred to the large amount of money that Abramovich has lent to Chelsea since he bought it for less than 100 million pounds on 2003. Since his arrival, being one of the first billionaires to land in English football, the Chelsea has gone from being a regular team in England to one of the greats on the continent. But the war of Russia on Ukraine He has put his sports project in check.

The complicated situation of Abramovich at United Kingdomwhich did not renew his investor visa in 2018, has intensified in recent days as a result of his close and always denied relationship with Vladimir Putin. The House of Commons has accused Abramovich to be a close associate of Putin and it has been requested that the assets he owns in the United Kingdom be seized, such as his mansion of more than 150 million pounds in the center of Londonand not be allowed to run a club like the Chelsea.

putin and abramovich
In the United Kingdom, Roman Abramovich is accused of being a close collaborator of Vladamir Putin. (Photo: Getty Images)

Deputy Chris Bryant warned this Tuesday that the oligarch is beginning to look for buyers for his assets and that it is necessary to act quickly in terms of sanctions. The words of Hansjorg Wyss they only confirm this. “I can imagine running Chelsea together with some partners., but I have to look at the general conditions first. What I’m definitely not going to do is go into something like this alone. If I buy Chelsea, it will be with a consortium of six or seven investors.“, specific Wyss.

The decision of Abramovich of leaving the administration in the hands of the club’s foundation, which has doubts about this move, is yet another indication of the growing distance with which the Russian views the club he has managed in the last 14 years. Wyssfrom 86 yearswho made his fortune in the medical multinational synths and has been characterized in recent years by its large donations to charities and environmental works, is on the prowl.


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