Roman Abramovich, increasingly cornered: the last photo, more sanctions and a scam of 2.7 billion dollars

Sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich sits in a VIP lounge before a plane he owns takes off for Istanbul from Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, near Tel Aviv, Israel on Monday, March 14 (Reuters) (STRINGER/)

Roman Abramovich live hours of tension. The Russian oligarch, owner of the chelsea club and one of the richest men on the planet, is part of a network that would have defrauded the Russian state of almost 3 billion dollars, according to British media. The steel tycoon, whose ties to the despot Vladimir Putin placed him at the center of the sanctions by the authorities of the United Kingdom and the European Union looks cornered. He was last seen in the Ben Gurion Airportfrom Tel Aviv, Israel, country where you have citizenship. I was heading to Turkeywhere he maintains other businesses.

But in the last few hours, British media -including the BBC and The Times– revealed that Abramovich would have been part of a multi-million dollar scam. “The complaint referred to his participation in two purchase agreements of oil companies that made his fortune. BBC Overview said a document pulled from Russia showed the government had been cheated out of $2.7 billion in its deal to buy Sibneft”, noted the London newspaper.

Abramovich I buy Sibneft in 1995 by $247 million. But in 2005 it was sold to the Russian state for no less than 17 billion dollars. 10 years had passed. A great business for a few. Two years after Putin came to power and weaved his network of oligarchs faithful to his plan, the oligarch composed Slavneftan oil and gas company.

Yury Skuratovformer chief prosecutor of Russiasaid: “Basically, it was a fraudulent scheme, in which those who participated in the privatization formed a criminal group that allowed Abramovich and (Boris) Berezovsky to cheat the government and not pay the money that this company was really worth.”, as reproduced The Times in reference to Slavneft. However, the legal case did not prosper due to his political contacts. But above all, after the smear campaign that weighed on the researcher. Photographs of the prosecutor with two prostitutes appeared on official television. The investigation vanished forever.

Roman Abramovich was at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.  He flew to Turkey, where he will try to reach Moscow.  His close ties to Vladimir Putin compromise his fortune and his business around the world (Reuters)
Roman Abramovich was at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. He flew to Turkey, where he will try to reach Moscow. His close ties to Vladimir Putin compromise his fortune and his business around the world (Reuters) (STRINGER /)

Berezovsky it was the same one who committed a mortal sin: he tried to challenge Putin in politics. He had to go into exile London. But One night in March 2013, he was found dead in his mansion in Sunninghill, Berkshire.

In 2002, Abramovich partnered with another company to buy Slavneft, another oil company. A member of a rival Chinese bidder’s delegation was kidnapped when they arrived in Moscow for the auction and was released after the company declared its withdrawal, the document states. There is no indication that Abramovich knew anything about the kidnapping plot”, noted the British newspaper.

The lawyers of Abramovich They denied that their client is part of a network that defrauded the Russian state with the purchases and subsequent sales of Sibneft and Slavneft.

Roman Abramovich fortune infographic
(Marcelo Regalado – Infobae)

The British station also accused the tycoon of actually being the one who protects the fortune of Putin. The European Union, for its part, sanctions it because it affirms that its money is intimately linked to the war machine of Russia as supplier and financier. Politicianwho claims to have seen a draft of the document, states that Abramovich enjoy a “privileged access” to Putin and these “very good relations“they line their own pockets in industries that offered”a substantial source of income” to the kremlinhelping Moscow finance its invasion of Ukraine, according to DailyMail.


The European Union adopted on Tuesday the fourth package of sectoral and individual sanctions for the Russian military aggression against Ukraineintended to deal “another big blow” to the economic and logistical base of the war machine of the kremlin.

The new package, promoted by the European leaders at their informal meeting on March 10 and 11 in Versailles (France) and approved this Monday by the ambassadors of the Twenty-seven before the European institutions, includes business and financial restrictions and brings more oligarchs into the community club blacklist.

This package shows the “determination” of the EU “to support Ukraine and paralyze the financing of the Kremlin’s war machine,” said the EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. “It is another great blow to the economic and logistical base on which Russia relies to carry out the invasion of Ukraine” and its objective is that Russian President Vladimir Putin “stop this inhuman and senseless war”Borrell added in a statement issued by the European Council, which represents the EU countries.

this package expands the list of people and entities sanctionedin a new step against the circle closest to the Kremlin, including oligarchs such as Roman Abramovich, well-known owner of Chelsea FC. Military commanders and businessmen are also added, on whom tougher restrictions will weigh on the export of dual-use products, civil and military. A total of 862 people and 53 Russian entities are already on the black list.


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