Roman Abramovich, symbol of the Russian oligarchy: the 13 billion dollars, yachts, super cars and mansions that it will cost him to enjoy

Roman Abramovich put the Chelsea Club, which he owns, up for sale. His links with Vladimir Putin and suspicions of being part of a Kremlin financing network caused the United Kingdom to decide to sanction him (Reuters) (John Sibley /)

Roman Abramovichowner of Chelsea and who became one of the richest men in Russia on the ruins of Soviet Unionsaw how his ties with the Kremlin they billed him on Thursday, when it was hit by British sanctions. His close proximity to Vladimir Putinthe despot who ordered to invade and massacre Ukrainewas key to act on its assets that served for decades to finance Moscow.

The oligarch, who last week announced the sale of the club, current champion of Europe, now sees this transaction suspended due to the freezing of its assets. The billionaire with the trimmed white beard, melancholic gaze and reputation for being shy nor can you do business with British individuals or companies or travel to this country.

unavoidable character of jet set global and owner of a luxurious residence of 15 rooms in the fashionable London neighborhood of Kensington, Abramovich55 years old, he is one of those businessmen who became meteorically rich in the 1990sAfter the introduction of the market economy in Russiaacquiring considerable political influence.

First shareholder of the steel company Evraz, with a fortune estimated by Forbes in more than 13,000 million dollarstheir activities in the United Kingdom They were a problem for the government. Boris Johnsonpressured to stop the flow of Russian money, sometimes of dubious origin, in the Citythe financial heart of London.

Roman Abramovich fortune infographic
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In recent years he has limited his appearances in the United Kingdomwhere he could travel without a visa thanks to his israeli citizenship. He also received a portuguese passportbut the Portuguese justice has opened an investigation into the conditions of his naturalization.


Born in Saratovin the south of Russia, on October 24, 1966, he was orphaned very early and was raised by his uncle. The young man Roman grew up partly in the great Russian North and studied Mathematics in Moscowbefore launching into the business world, founding small businesses.

He soon stood out as a businessman with a great sense of smell. In 1996, the government ceded most of the shares of the large oil group Sibneft for $100 million, a fraction of its actual value. The shares ended up in the portfolio of Abramovichwho sold them to the public giant Gazprom for a very high amount.

From oil to aluminum to automobiles, his fortune grew rapidly. He financed the campaign Boris Yeltsin and his arrival at Kremlin, where the oligarchs forge close relationships with the president’s entourage. When Putin happened to Yeltsin in the year 2000, Abramovich opted for prudence and distanced himself from the “family” of the former head of state.

Russian head of state Vladimir Putin with Roman Abramovich, one of the Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the United Kingdom, at a meeting in the Kremlin, Moscow, in 2005 (Reuters)
Russian head of state Vladimir Putin with Roman Abramovich, one of the Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the United Kingdom, at a meeting in the Kremlin, Moscow, in 2005 (Reuters) (Reuters Photographer /)

gigantic yacht

thus escaped the fate of Mikhail Khodorkovskyopponent in exile after spending years in prison, or his business partner Boris Berezovskya fierce critic of power who was found dead in his home in 2013, in England. His fidelity was rewarded with a Governor’s post in the Chukotka regionin the Russian Far East.

For a time the first fortune of Russiawas accused of acting on occasions with his financial operations as “submarine” the Kremlin. A great football fan, he bought in 2003 an emblematic club from Londonthe Chelseawhich since its arrival experienced a golden age with weight reinforcements. He has since won five English leagues and, above all, his only two titles in the Champions League (2012 and 2021).

His luxurious life is often hidden from the media, despite having a yacht, the Eclipse162 meters long, which can no longer moor in the UK, like the rest of its half dozen ships, because Thursday’s sanctions would allow them to be confiscated.

A small part of his immense fortune has been spent also in sports cars or, rather, in super carsbecause they exceed the simple category of the best-known fast coupes in the world. Abramovich’s list of “non-sports” cars has two limousines Mercedes-Maybach 62 valued at $1.3 million each, and a Rolls Royce Cornichewhich costs approximately $800,000 and something very special. The car, dark blue has the patent “VIP 1″, as it was specially commissioned by the Irish government for the visit of the Pope Juan Pablo II in 1979 to that country. Abramovich bought it in 2006 paying $380,000, and currently its value has risen so much that it is speculated that they would pay 650,000 for him if it were put up for sale or auction.

But the super cars of the Russian tycoon are the ones that attract even more attention, because the list is, at least, 8 extravagant models, which must be arranged in some way. In order not to be unfair with preferences or not to limit the classification to price or performance, alphabetical order is usually the best resource.

has seven children and in 2017 he separated from Darya Jukovafounder of a contemporary art gallery in Moscow.

Always worried about his reputation, he got an apology at the end of 2021 from the publisher of a book about Putin written by British journalist Catherine Belton. It claimed that the Russian president oversaw a large outflow of dirty money to extend his country’s influence abroad.

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