Romantic date in Miami: three itineraries to make it fun and unforgettable

At Hay Miami you can find more than one way to have a memorable date. (Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau)

you are on vacation in Miami and you want to invite your partner for a walk through the city that allows them to build memories. But you don’t know the area and you are overwhelmed by the torrent of options. You don’t want to ask the hotel concierge or a guide you met on the beach, because they’d probably point you to sites associated with their jobs.

If you want your destinations to be close to each other and to be fun, intimate and special, these three itineraries for a memorable date are what you are looking for.

Allapattah to Wynwood

Rubell Museum, Miami
The Rubell Museum is ideal for an intimate stroll. (Rubell Museum)

The first stop will be the Rubell Museumin the neighborhood allapattaha paradise for lovers of contemporary art. It has one of the largest private collections in the country. Don and Mera Rubell They have more than 7,200 pieces by more than 1,000 artists. The space has 40 galleries. Here, you and your partner can get lost in several hours of quiet intimacy.

You won’t have to go far to eat. Located in the museum is the sophisticated and luxurious Leku. Enjoy elegant cocktails and the rich flavors of the Basque coast of Spain.

In addition to being one of the trendy neighborhoods, Wynwood is also an open-air art gallery.  (EFE/Giorgio Viera)
In addition to being one of the trendy neighborhoods, Wynwood is also an open-air art gallery. (EFE/Giorgio Viera) (Giorgio Viera/)

Just eight minutes by uberin the neighborhood Wynwoodthis lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap), with its more than 150 wines and beers, and a very eclectic patio where you can enjoy live music. Also, Wynwood is itself an outdoor art gallery.

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The little Habana

Facade of the Tower Theater on Calle 8.
The Tower Theater was declared by USA Today as “one of the 10 best places to see a movie in all its glory.”

The tower theaterwith its architecture Art Deco and its 12-meter steel tower, is “one of the 10 best places to see a movie in all its glory”, as he declared usa today in 2011. Under the auspices of the Miami Film Festival, the Tower offers a fresh lineup of independent and foreign films. And it is already known that the seventh art has long been the site for romantic dates par excellence.

Directly opposite, on the other side of the Street 8this The Christ Restaurant. Do not be surprised by its religious name, you will not find Biblical references in this establishment. What you will find is a sober place that serves excellent Cuban food. They also do very good coffeeas the locals call espresso.

The pineapple stage at Ball & Chain, a busy Miami bar.
The Ball & Chain stage is one of the best to enjoy live music in Miami. (Ball & Chain/Sean Pozin)

To close the night you won’t have to go far either. On the same block, just a few steps away, is ball&chain, a bar that has been on the same premises on and off since 1935. Today it is one of the best clubs in the city to spend the night dancing. The pineapple-shaped stage, located in the courtyard, is considered the best in Miami for listening to live music.

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South Beach

The Colony Hotel, a South Beach Art Deco building in Miami Beach
South Beach is synonymous with Art Deco architecture.

With some 800 designated buildings of interest, the Art Deco Historic District in miami beach it is the largest concentration of that style of architecture in all of the United States. You can explore it on a tour that mixes architecture with stories from Hollywood, mobsters and celebrities.

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In the same South Beach you can enjoy strawberry moonthe restaurant of Pharrell Williams next to Goodtime Hotelalso owned by the singer.

Interior of Mango's Tropical Cafe.
The party doesn’t stop at Mango’s Tropical Cafe.

Mango’s Tropical Cafein Ocean DriveIt is a good place to end the night. For decades it has remained one of the nightclubs preferred by tourists from all over the world. You can expect live shows, good music, and strong drinks.


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