Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro cause a furor in networks by appearing drunk in Barcelona

Go to a party and have the after party be you, at least Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, if they are living that dream

Going to a party and having the after party be you, how many would not want to go out partying with their partners and end up living a romantic movie, well at least Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, if they are living that dream, well they were caught very much in love, but also very drunk in the streets of Barcelona.

The couple went last Wednesday to the Bresh of the Apolo room, a party that is quite well known in the world, because the musical trends of the moment are usually presented there, but after the celebration it seems that both of them passed the drinks.

It should be noted that the same event held in Madrid was also attended by some celebrities such as Tini Stoessel, who was caught perreando with the public.

And it is that the couple quickly became the center of attention when they appeared in the DJ booth, dancing and living their love to the fullest, since they could be seen very close to each other.

But when leaving the place and trying to return home, the celebrities were captured in the streets, because they did not drop their glasses for a second, also the demonstrations of love did not stop and now these photographs are already a success on social networks.

As expected, the fun and tender photographs have caused a furore among the followers, who have not missed the opportunity to leave their comments, such as: they were a little past tense pluperfect”, “they still look good even drunk”.