“Rude, womanizer and quite despicable”: This is how they describe Gerard Piqué

The name of Jordi Martin is linked to that of Shakira and Piqué; This paparazzi revealed the first images of the soccer player with Clara Chía. The photographer with a 17-year career has invested almost the entire year in covering one of the most famous breakups of our days, and exclusively for TVyNovelas he tells us everything he knows about Shakira and her separation from the Spaniard, whom he thus describes…

In an interview, someone close to Shakira told us that her awards were in Gerard Piqué’s office, is that true? Yes, to attract his clients, there he has his wife’s Grammys and some other awards from the singer; in all those ways she has used her, that’s why Piqué is for some quite despicable. I have been in this business for 17 years, I try not to take work problems home with me, I never take a liking to any character, and I know that my work is annoying, but with Piqué it is something that bothers you completely, he is a rude man who does not know how to treat a woman either.

In Mexico, the rumor spread that he was gay, so… nothing of that? No, nothing, Piqué is openly a womanizer, that is clear to everyone.

Will Shakira’s prizes be a bargaining chip in these negotiations? No, I imagine that those will be asked by Shakira and that’s it; It has been a separation that has cost a lot, it is a very hard battle, because Shakira also weighs heavily, and not only in Spain, but throughout the world. In addition, we must speak in favor of Piqué who has been in favor of children, because they would not have been able to travel to Miami, since in Spain the laws say that infants must be where their stability is, their family and social roots; Honestly, if Piqué had wanted to, he would have stayed with them. It seems that he has acted in good faith at all times with the issue of his children.

How did you find out about Clara Chía? The last photos you took of them went around the world… Yes, it is true that the photos I took traveled all over the world. They attended a wedding, Clara Chía wore a dress that did not suit her, her hair was frizzy, she did not go to the hairdresser’s, that is why she was criticized worldwide; she is 23 years old, and obviously she had not realized the army that Shakira has. She didn’t have a good time.


How did you take that last photo of Clara Chía and Piqué? With complications, Clara never imagined that at that wedding where she attended there was a guy hiding in a forest; If she had known that the whole world would see a photo of her, she would have at least gone to the hairdresser’s.

What feeling did you have when you had that photograph? Relief, it was a moment of adrenaline, at that wedding there was a lot of security, drones, and if Piqué had imagined that I was there, he would surely have beaten me up; I would have lost a lot, in addition to the investment, because I spent three months eating sandwiches to dedicate myself body and soul to achieving that. This summer I had invested days of 16 hours.

Do you think their relationship will last? From what I see, Gerard is in another stage of his life, he is calmer, he doesn’t feel like going out to parties so much anymore and, really, I see him in love and happy with this girl. When Shakira goes to Miami with the children, I can bet that Piqué will soon become a father, he loves children, and I don’t think he can bear much that his children are so far away.

When Shakira was struggling with her father’s health, didn’t you feel like telling her what was happening with Piqué? Yes, and I did so, I was able to get closer to his brother, Tonino, and I explained to him step by step that Piqué had made a trip to Monte Carlo from June 30 to July 6, 2016… Maybe my mistake was not doing it before, I didn’t wanted to break up a family.


How is Shakira’s father? I’ve made some very strong stuff out of it, but I don’t plan on releasing it; I have seen Shakira broken, and she would not release that material. I’ve told him, and I’m a guy with values ​​too.

Why did Piqué retire from soccer? That legend had to do with the fact that he would use Shakira’s name on the shirt… It is a forced retirement, because a law has come out that says that an athlete cannot do business, and he is the owner of a second division team from Andorra; In addition, his own fans whistle at him, they have humiliated him. Although he had earnings of 30 million euros (606 million pesos), he does not compare to what he earns from his business, around 300 million (six billion pesos), he is a billing machine.

Has Shakira’s legal issue been resolved in Spain? He does not have a search or arrest warrant and they did not take his passport, Shakira’s law firm is very good. Piqué also has a big problem because of the mediation of some matches in Saudi Arabia for 24 million euros (480 million pesos).

What will happen to you? Will you go to Miami following Shakira? Well yes, somehow I already planned to go to Miami to work, and I think it would be a good idea to stay here, I have already taken material, right at your children’s baseball game. I know that she wants to be calm, she does not want a media war like in Barcelona, ​​and I will do my best to avoid being at her doorstep.

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