Ruggeri revealed details of his attempts to get Maradona out of drugs: “He fought him and questioned everything”

The return of oscar ruggerto the screen ESPN After his vacation, he generated enormous joy for all his roommates. As always the pigheaded often recalls fun experiences he lived with Diego Armando Maradona throughout his life but in this case, he touched on one of the great problems that complicated Fluff throughout his 60 years: the drugs.

Sebastián Vignolo, host of the program, gave the foot to the former soccer player of the Argentine team with a cross that he had off the air. “I went to buy something and the seller told me: ‘I love both Ruggeri and Maradona. He represents me because I am central and his bad vibes with the Brazilians. And when I see him I remember Diego and I wonder Why couldn’t Diego be like Cabezón?‘” explained the Chicken in the first edition of F90.

Automatically, Oscar gave his point of view on the matter and revealed the constant friction he had with his friend over this same problem: “I had quite a fight with Diego over this issue, a lot. They were private talks that I would get into the room and we would talk well. I was angry, because I told him ‘how crazy you don’t realize what you are’. I don’t know if it outweighed how big it was. He repeated a lot: ‘You have the world at your feet. Do you want to be president? You prepare yourself and you are going to be president. Do you want to grab FIFA? You’re going to grab FIFA’. Images of Diego come out all the time, there are everywhere and to think that he was a year and a half older than me. I could be the king.”

Ruggeri, already wearing a sad expression, continued on the topic. “Money in my pocket I never saw Diego. I’ve never seen Diego do that and say ‘1,000 pesos I put up’. Never. He didn’t care about that at all. For me, the drug issue covered up all the good things, how great it was. Because we were with him and he couldn’t live,” he added.

“I fought him because I questioned everything. And he always told me that he was coming out little by little. I knew I wasn’t going to get out, you don’t get out of those things anymore. Because Cai (he used Cai Aimar as his interlocutor), I had drugs close to him thousands of times. It never even occurred to me to try. I don’t know if it was for fear of failing my family, my parents, “continued the Cabezón. And he recalled the moments in which they tried to accompany the Ten: “What a sin. He never let us get close, he never let us get close. In other words, he would leave us for a while and he knew that later we would leave. It was difficult for us to be around and get him out of all that. Because it was a world that had turned around him.

Next, the aforementioned Aimar got into the conversation with a question to Oscar: “At some point did he say he was going to leave her in front of you?” Ruggeri recalled and revealed that once alone he promised them, although some time later they realized that it was impossible for him to get off the drug.

Daniel Arucci, a panelist on the program and one of the people who knew Diego best throughout part of his life, closed the topic by analyzing Pelusa’s position in the face of one of his big problems: “It’s that he also said it publicly many times . He did not want to be an example and he ended up being an example of everything that affects him. There are many testimonies and notes that he has given talking about this and saying that he did not go out because he could not. I wanted to say not to start because then I couldn’t get out. Diego never advocated drugs. Quite the contrary: he showed himself as a victim. Not that I was bragging about it.”.


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