Rumors grow about the health of the dictator of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko: they affirm that he is in critical condition

The President of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko (EFE/Shamil Zhumatov/File) (SHAMIL ZHUMATOV / POOL/)

Rumors about the state of health of the dictator of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenkobegan last May 14, Day of the Country’s Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem, when did not appear to commemorate it.

After information about a possible admission to a hospital, the dictator reappeared the next day at the central command post of the Air Force and the Air Defense Forces. and eOn the 23rd he flew to Moscow to meet his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putinwhose closest ally he is in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This Saturday, the opposition politician Valery Tsepkaloformer Belarusian presidential candidate, posted on his Twitter account a message that revive the rumors about Lukashenko’s health. “Based on preliminary information, subject to further confirmation, Lukashenko was rushed to Moscow Central Clinical Hospital after his closed-door meeting with Putin. Currently, he remains under medical care there. Leading specialists have been mobilized to address your critical state”, he expressed on the social network.

And he continued: “Blood purification procedures have been carried out and it has been considered that due to his condition, Lukashenko is not transportable. Efforts to save the Belarusian dictator were aimed dispel speculation about the alleged involvement of the Kremlin in his poisoning”.

“Regardless of whether or not he recovers, doctors warn of the possibility of relapse. As representatives of the Belarusian Democratic Forum of the Republic of Belarus, We urge Western leaders to convene a strategic session in the next few days to discuss the ‘Elections’ initiative and other measures that must be taken to ensure the transition period,” he said. Tsepkalo.

Valery Tsepkalo tweeted
Valery Tsepkalo’s message on Twitter

He then said: “We firmly affirm that existing technologies are adequate to conduct fair and transparent elections in Belarus in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, without direct interference from the Kremlin. In doing so, we will establish a legitimate institution in the eyes of all Belarusians and the world community in general”.

Finally, he said: “The holding of elections at such a critical juncture will not only help to restore law and order in the future Belarus, but also it will also lay the foundations to stabilize the situation at the borders of the European Union and the world”.

Neither Minsk nor the Kremlin provided data on the dictator’s state of health.

The Belarusian regime reported this week that the plane in which Lukashenko traveled left Minsk for the Russian capital last Tuesday, where he participated on Wednesday in the plenary session of the II Eurasian Economic Forum of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) along with Putin and other leaders of the alliance formed by Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

According to Minsk, Lukashenko and Putin met “on the sidelines” of this event and the summit of the leaders of the UEE.

It is known that it was the Belarusian’s first trip to Moscow since the one he made on May 9 on the occasion of the military parade of the victory daywhere your apparent fragile physical condition set off alarms about his state of health, especially after declaring a Russian deputy that Lukashenko had “sick”.

Last Tuesday, he clarified for the first time in a meeting with experts on health issues that suffered an adenovirus infection. He stressed “that this is nothing” and emphasized that “he is not going to die”. “I’ll keep bothering you for a long time”, he added sardonically.

Russian President Vladimir Putin;  and the Belarusian, Alexandr Lukashenko (Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin via REUTERS)
Russian President Vladimir Putin; and the Belarusian, Alexandr Lukashenko (Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin via REUTERS) (SPUTNIK/)

The transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus

The dictator of Belarus announced last Thursday the beginning of the transfer of Russian tactical nuclear weapons to the territory of the former Soviet republic, which shares a border with Ukraine. “We had to prepare the place for storage and so on. We did it. For this reason, the transfer of nuclear charges has already begun”, Lukashenko told Russian television.

Lukashenko assured that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, informed him during the events of the Eurasian Economic Union in the Kremlin that he had already signed the decree on the placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus. “We are talking about a specific document. The decision was made to develop what was said verbally“, he claimed.

He refused to specify the number of nuclear warheads that his country will receive, although he assured that he had agreed with Putin all the details. “I will not reveal the number and its location. We have agreed on the deployment of nuclear weapons: where, when, warheads. A decision had to be made and this corresponds to the Russian president. With Russia, any issue that we present today is decided in a matter of a few days, ”he explained.

He also guaranteed the security of said weapons, stressing that the Belarusians are “careful people”.

“Therefore, don’t worry about nuclear weapons. We are responsible for it. It’s serious. Everything will be fine, ”she noted.

When a reporter asked him if said weapons had already reached Belarusian territory, the president replied: “It’s possible. I’ll come and check”.

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