Russia added a new kamikaze drone to the arsenal it uses in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that has added to the arsenal used in Ukraine a new kakmikaze drone, “Boomerang”, capable of pursuing targets moving at a speed of up to 170 kilometers per hour.

The drone, a small device, capable of carrying an explosive chargeis directed by an operator with the help of virtual reality glasseswith the help of an assistant, who follows his route on a map, said Defense on his Telegram channel, in which he posted a video with images of the launch of a “boomerang”.

The device, barely a span, is an FVP or immersion pilotingwhich facilitates the work of the operator.

The operator guides the drone with a virtual reality headset

These are much smaller devices than the Iranian models, which have caused extensive damage to Ukrainian defenses, with a much greater range. Russia has been launching missile and drone strikes against critical infrastructure in Ukraine since October, prompting Kiev to bolster its air defense systems with Western help.

Instead, these models are short range, more conducive to the front lines.

“The Boomerang is a simple sport drone with four rotors, four small motors and a huge storage battery. As a main feature, the kamikaze drone carries a special container filled with shocking items and stuffed with explosives and a detonator”, explained the Ministry.

Russia shows a new drone capture
Drones carry explosives

“During the special military operation, small-sized Boomerang FPV quadcopters are actively employed by UAV units of the Airborne Force to assault Ukrainian army positions,” the ministry said in a commentary to the video.

The drone can accelerate up to 170 km/h and is highly manoeuvrable. It can be used to engage moving targets and personnel in special shelters.

In addition, adds the Defense note, the “Boomerang” does not have a satellite communication module, so anti-drone electronic means are not effective against it. “Compared to standard quadcopters, the Boomerang lacks a satellite communications module. Anti-drone cannons can’t do anything against Boomerangs. An operator directs the drone at a minimum altitude, just above the treetops,” added the Ministry.

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