Russia assured that the city of Soledar is already under its control, in what would be its first victory in six months

Russia ensures that the city of Soledar is already under its control, in what would be its first victory in six months (REUTERS) (ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO /)

Russia assured this Tuesday that the city of solderin DonetskAlready is under your control. The leader of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, was in charge of announcing this victory from the group of mercenaries Wagner, the first in the last six months.

“Today, according to information I have, the Soledar center is already under the control of units from (Group) Wagner,” he told the television network. channel oneaccording to the Russian media TASS.

In his statement, he explained that some Russian troops have already taken up positions in the city, while others are moving around the town “quite efficiently” while carrying out “a clean-up operation” in the western part.

Russia's victory in Soledar is the first in six months (REUTERS)
Russia’s victory in Soledar is the first in six months (REUTERS) (THOMAS PETER /)

In this way, Putin’s troops managed to the first victory since the conquest of Lisichanskin the Lugansk region, at the beginning of July 2022.

UkraineFor his part, he had already alerted this Monday that the Russian Army had launched a strong offensive at the location, after a series of failed attempts to gain control. In this sense, the authorities had recognized that there was a “the most complicated situation on the eastern front”.

“During the day they beat Soledar in 86 times with different types of artillery, so the situation there is now very difficult, the most complicated on the eastern front,” said Serhii Cherevaty, in statements quoted by the agency ukrinformwhat Zelensky added that “There are almost no walls left standing, everything is completely destroyed, almost no trace of life remains”.

This Tuesday, Russia attacked the city 86 times, destroying almost all the buildings and killing practically the entire population there (REUTERS) (Evgeniy Maloletka /)

The Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister, Hanna Malyar, had denounced, meanwhile, that “The enemy is literally advancing on the bodies of his own soldiers and massively uses artillery, rocket launchers and mortars, which hit their own troops”.

However, Ukrainian soldiers continue to resist the attacks and do “everything possible” to face the “attrition” to which the Russians seek to subject them.

Likewise, Zelensky thanked the brave work of the officers there and praised their work. “I thank all our soldiers from Soledar that resist new assaults, even more violent, from the invaders. Thanks to your resistance we have gained more time and strength for Ukraine, ”he commented in his usual daily message.

Zelensky ruled that
Zelensky appreciated the work of soldiers in Donetsk (AP)

Moscow had already been awarded this Monday the conquest of Bakhmuta small city on the outskirts, where the Armed Forces had focused their efforts during the last few days.

It was there that the intense attacks began that, as the hours passed, became more pronounced on Soledar. The Kremlin focused its efforts on capture this area since it it would open the way for Russian soldiers to Kramatorsk and Sloviansk, the main Ukrainian strongholds in Donbas.

With this, kreminna Y Svatove continue in the epicenter of fightingwhere progress was also made in recent days, according to the Institute for the Study of American War (ISW).

(With information from Europa Press, EFE and AP)

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