Russia attacked kyiv with drones and cruise missiles after Zelensky’s tour in which he secured new arms promises for Ukraine

The Ukrainian military uses searchlights to search for drones in the sky over kyiv. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Gleb Garanich) (Gleb Garanich/)

The Ukrainian capital of kyiv was attacked Tuesday morning with drones and russian ballistic missilesan action that the defense forces described as exceptionally complex, a day after the president Volodimir Zelensky announced new supplies of European arms.

kyiv’s military administration said Tuesday’s attack, the eighth this month in the capital, included drones, cruise missiles and probably ballistic missiles launched “simultaneously from different directions”.

The district Solomyansky Kiev, where the international airport is, was the most damaged, with a fire in a non-residential building.

According to messages from the mayor Vitali Klitschko on Telegram, three people were injured in Solomyansky while remnants of missiles fell on the residential district of obolonsky.

Russian missile attack
Authorities in the Ukrainian capital reported Russian attacks in different regions. (PHOTO: AP)

The new attack against kyiv came after Zelensky announced his return after a European tour, in which he won weapons promises.

“Back home with (…) new and powerful weapons for the front,” Zelensky declared in a video addressed to his citizens, after the three-day tour that took him to UK, France, Germany and Italy.

During the trip, Zelensky again called for combat aircraft, despite the fact that the countries of the NATO have so far refused to provide this type of aircraft.

However, the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakconfirmed that the UK will help Ukraine to train pilots as part of his support and the French president, Emmanuel Macronannounced to have “opened the door to train” Ukrainian “pilots” from now on.

Zelensky's last trip during his tour was to the UK to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.  (PHOTO: Carl Court/REUTERS
Zelensky’s last trip during his tour was to the UK to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. (PHOTO: Carl Court/REUTERS (POOL/)

Zelensky also stated that he had discussed with Sunak the creation of a “coalition of fighter jets” and said he hoped to reach an agreement soon to obtain such aircraft.

“We want to create a coalition for the planes and I am very optimistic about it, we have talked about it and I think it will happen very soon, they will find out about decisions that I consider very important,” he said before the cameras.

Anti-aircraft missiles and attack drones

The British government announced that it will send to Ukraine in the coming months “hundreds” of air defense missiles and long-range attack drones.

During his trip to Italy, Zelensky met with Pope Francis. (PHOTO: AFP) (HANDOUT/)

The UK already last week became the first Western country to offer long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine, the Storm Shadow.

Prepared to travel up to 250 km, more than any other weapon supplied to kyiv so far by Western countries, they have the ability to reach areas of eastern Ukraine controlled by Russian forces.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, He said on Monday that British weapons will not have a major impact on the conflict but “will cause even more destruction.”

Soon after, Russia claimed to have destroyed a Storm Shadow in the last 24 hours.

Russia also claimed that one of its warplanes intercepted over the sea Baltic a French and a German military plane, two NATO countries, which tried to “violate” their airspace and forced them to move away.

On Sunday, France promised to deliver dozens of light tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine.

AND the german government announced a military aid package worth 2.7 billion euros (about $2.9 billion) which includes tanks, armored vehicles, surveillance drones and four new Iris-T air defense systems.

chinese mediation

At the diplomatic level, the high Chinese envoy Li Hui will undertake a two-day visit to kyiv on Tuesday, he told the AFP a Ukrainian government official.

The Chinese regime insists on its mediation between Russia and Ukraine.  (PHOTO: Sputnik/Vladimir Astapkovich/Kremlin via REUTERS)
The Chinese regime insists on its mediation between Russia and Ukraine. (PHOTO: Sputnik/Vladimir Astapkovich/Kremlin via REUTERS) (Sputnik Photo Agency/)

the chinese president, Xi Jinpingvisited Moscow in March and was criticized for refusing to condemn Putin’s war.

On the military front, a Russian missile attack killed four people by hitting a hospital in the city of Avdiivka (east), the governor of DonetskPavlo Kirilenko.

Two other people died in the Kharkiv region (east), according to regional authorities.

The Ukrainian emergency services also reported “massive” Russian bombardments against Kherson (south). And in the Nikopol region (center), other shelling left three injured.

Shortly before, Ukraine had claimed the “first success” in its offensive around Bakhmut (east), mostly under Russian control where fierce fighting has been taking place for months.

In kyiv, friends and colleagues of Arman Soldin, the journalist from the AFP who lost his life last week in Ukraine, came together to pay tribute to him.

On the other hand, seven people, including a senior official installed by Russia and a teenager, were injured in an explosion in Lugansk, a Ukrainian town under Russian control, local authorities reported.

(With information from AFP)

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