Russia called for the arrest of Boris Akunin, the prestigious writer who said that Putin is a “dictator”

Archive photo of the writer Boris Akunin. EFE/EPA/MAXIM SHIPENKOV (MAXIM SHIPENKOV/)

A Moscow court ordered today arrest in the absence of Boris Akuninone of the most read contemporary writers in Russiawho was recently wanted and arrested on charges of call for terrorist actions and dissemination of false information about the Russian Armed Forces.

The precautionary measure will come into effect once Akunin, who resides outside Russia, is captured or extradited and will last for two monthsreported the district court press office Basmanni from Moscow.

Last December Boris Akunin (pseudonym of Grigori Chjartishvili), which in 2000 was declared “Russian writer of the year” and has received awards outside of Russia, was included in the list of “extremists and terrorists” and at the beginning of this year it was declared “foreign agent”.

The 67-year-old writer rose to fame with a series of novels set in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, starring Erast Fandorin, a unique detective who became an endearing character for readers. .

The Fandorin saga has been translated into several languages, including Spanish.

Archive photo of Russian writer Boris Akunin.  EFE/Maxim Shipenkov
Archive photo of Russian writer Boris Akunin. EFE/Maxim Shipenkov (MAXIM SHIPENKOV/)

His first novel, “Azazel”was published in 1998 and that same year three other books with Fandorin’s adventures went on sale.

On the eve of the start of the Ukrainian war (February 24, 2022), Akunin gave an interview to EFE in which he accused the Russian president, Vladimir Putinof being a “dictator” with post-imperialist ambitions and having brought the country to a state of “semi-disintegration”.

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Boris Akunin and Vladimir Putin (Casarsa/)

”Moscow considers Ukraine and the other former Soviet republics part of its ‘Influence zone’ and he does not want it to be reduced. The entire Ukrainian crisis, from the seizure of Crimea to the financing of the revolt in Donbas, is a punishment for Ukraine because in 2014 the new Government decided to turn from East to West,” he said then.

Last December International Amnestythrough Marie Struthers, its director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, reacted to the opening of a criminal case against the writer, which it described as “unfounded”and said it exemplifies “Russia’s vindictive attitude against anyone who dares to express dissent.”

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