Russia conducted air defense exercises in Moscow in yet another sign of its concern over potential attacks.

Russian paratroopers walk before boarding Ilyushin Il-76 transport planes while participating in military exercises (VITALY NEVAR/)

Russia announced this Saturday that he made air defense exercises in the region of Moscowthe capital, to protect its critical infrastructures in case of “air strikes” in a context of conflict with Ukraine.

“Exercises were organized in the Moscow region with the personnel of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Western Military District, to repel air strikes against important military, industrial and administrative infrastructures,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Several artillery systems Y anti-aircraft missiles They had already been deployed this Friday on the roofs of various administrative and defense buildings in the center of Moscowindicating that the Kremlin is preparing for a possible attack directed at the Russian capital.

Photographs posted on social media on Thursday showed a missile system had been installed Pantsir-S1 on the roof of an eight-story building used by the Ministry of Defence Russian along the Moskva River.

Another video showed the air defense system rising to the roof of an administrative building in the Teterinsky Street, in the center of the capital, and another in an educational center in the district Taganka from Moscow, about two kilometers southeast of the kremlin.

The channel Moscow Calling The day before, he published several videos and photographs of an office building in the capital in which a crane can be seen placing something on the roof and several military trucks next to the machinery.

Hours later, he released another video and a photograph, presumably of the same building where what he described as “Pantsir-S1 in combat service” already appears on the roof. The air defense system Pantsir-S-1 it is designed, among other things, to protect against drones.

Then the photographs appeared with the supposed anti-aircraft defense system in the Ministry of Defencealthough it is unknown when it was installed.

Another of the systems was installed 10 kilometers from the residence of the Russian president Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo, according to local media and open intelligence sources.

Photographs of air defense systems also appeared on Telegram earlier this week. S-400 next to the nature reserve losini ostrov (moose island), east of the Russian capital, and on the grounds of the Timiriaziev Agricultural Academyin the north of Moscow, according to the channel Novosti Agency. the publication Siren said trees were cut down in the Losiny Ostrov National Park to clear an area for anti-aircraft missile systems.

the independent journal jellyfish The publication of photos and videos in the Telegram application was also echoed.

The missile systems appeared a day before Western defense officials met at the Ramstein airbase in Germany to agree on a new military aid package to Ukraine which could include the supply of heavy tanks.

They were also deployed after mysterious explosions last month at military sites in crimea and at various airbases used by Russian strategic bombers deep within Russian territory. Ukrainian officials have also said they have begun testing long range drones that can travel up to 1,000 km, which could put Moscow in the crosshairs.

Pro-Kremlin bloggers said on Thursday that the appearance of the missile systems in Moscow showed that the Russian military leadership was now concerned for attacks on their own cities.

“It means that [los líderes] they perfectly understand all the risks and understand that the attacks against Moscow and the regions are only a matter of time,” he wrote. alexander kots, a prominent Russian journalist who supports the Russian war in Ukraine. “It’s good to start planning ahead rather than after the first few attacks.”

The Kremlin was silent on the appearance on social networks of the videos and photographs.

(With information from AFP)

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