Russia cut off oil supplies to Poland through the Druzhba pipeline

Pipes at an oil pumping station of the Druzhba pipeline, in Adamowo, Poland (Jedrzej Wojnar/Agencja via REUTERS/File) (JEDRZEJ WOJNAR/Agencja Wyborcza/)

Polish oil giant PKN Orlen announced this Saturday that Russia stopped supplying him with oil through the Druzhba pipelinewhich accounted for close to 10% of its crude oil needs.

Deliveries through the Druzhba pipeline to Poland were interrupted by the Russian side”, indicated the Polish group in a statement transmitted to the news agency AFP.

Orlen said that the movement would not affect Polish customers and that all oil deliveries from now on would arrive by Seaway.

The announcement comes a day after the European Union approved a new round of sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine. Poland indicated days before that still sourcing 10% of its supply from Moscowdespite demanding greater sanctions on Russian crude.

Poland declared last year that it had a “radical plan” to end all imports of Russian oil by the end of 2022. But the country still had a contract in place with the Russian company tatneftas warned in parliament by the vice minister of State assets, Maciej Malecki.

This means that Poland was still buying 200,000 tons of crude from Russia every month.

According to Malecki, the state company “strongly stated that it would stop buying Russian oil as soon as an EU embargo was introduced”.

In recent years, Poland has diversified its oil and gas supplies and, according to Malecki, the contract with Tatneft was the “only” energy contract with Russia.

The flags of the European Union fly in front of the headquarters of the EU Commission, in Brussels, Belgium (REUTERS / Yves Herman / File)
The flags of the European Union fly in front of the headquarters of the EU Commission, in Brussels, Belgium (REUTERS / Yves Herman / File) (YVES HERMAN /)

The 10th package of EU sanctions directly targets the Russian military industry

The European Union adopted the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, including, among other things, a ban on the export of technology for military use and measures against Iranian companies that supply drones to Moscow.

The Twenty-seven reached an agreement at the ambassadorial level this Friday.”in extremis”, coinciding with the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, and until 11:30 a.m. today to endorse the agreement. The sanctions will be published in the next few hours. in the Official Journal of the EU as the last step.

The agreed package includes, for example, stricter restrictions on the export of technology and dual-use itemsselective restricted measures against people and entities support the war spread propaganda either deliver drones Used by Russia in the war.

It also includes 47 electronic components that Russia can use in its weapons systems, such as drones, missiles and helicopters, in such a way that taking into account the nine previous packages all technological products will have been banned found on the battlefield.

The tenth package of reprisals against the Kremlin also sanctions seven Iranian companies linked to the Revolutionary Guard that manufacture the drones that Tehran is giving to Moscow to bomb Ukraine and initiates the procedure to suspend the broadcast licenses to RT Arabic and Sputnik Arabic.

The new measures include 121 Russian individuals and companies, including members of the Army “responsible for the deportation and forced adoption of at least 6,000 Ukrainian minors,” Borrell said. “This is a clear violation of international law, including the Geneva convention,” as I raised at the UN Security Council, he explained.

In the same way, enter new information obligations with respect to funds and economic resources of sanctioned persons and entities, as well as reserves and assets of the Central Bank of Russia immobilized by Member States.

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