Russia imposed USD 259 million in fines on large companies for publishing information online about the invasion of Ukraine and opposition marches

Vladimir Putin crushes all dissent that opposes the invasion in Ukraine (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

The courts of Russia attended 49 cases during 2022 for refusals to delete prohibited information on the internet and imposed fines of 21.12 billion rubles (259.3 million dollars)according to statistics published this Sunday by the Legal Department of the Supreme Court of Russia.

Among the most fined companies is the computer giant Googleowner of Youtubeagainst which they opened 18 processes.

In addition, fines have been imposed against Goalbranded as an extremist in Russia for allowing posts with alleged hate speech against this country after the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, and other resources such as Wikipedia, Twitter or Twitch.

As reported by the deputy director of Roskomnadzor, the Russian communications regulator, Vadim Subbotin, Google, Facebook and Twitter reportedly refused to remove around 5,500 materials with information prohibited in Russia.

In total last year, 130 cases of this type were initiated, of which 49 were studied, 3 were dismissed, two returned for rectification of the protocols and returned to the courts, while in 42 cases the courts handed down sentences.

Of these, 40 referred to legal persons and two to officials.

In four cases the courts limited themselves to a warning, but in the remaining 38 fines were imposed.

Of the total fines, the Russian Justice received 1,508 million rubles (18.5 million dollars).

Arrest at a protest in Moscow against the mobilization called by Putin (Reuters)
Arrest at a protest in Moscow against the mobilization called by Putin (Reuters) (REUTERS PHOTOGRAPHER /)

Russia approved in December 2020 a law that establishes administrative responsibilities against companies that publish prohibited information, such as child pornography, instructions on the manufacture of explosives, lcalls for opposition protests and more recently, on the actions of the Russian Army in Ukraine.

A recent report from the Russian Supreme Court reported that in 2022 the courts sentenced citizens to pay fines for discrediting the military on 4,439 occasions, for a total amount equivalent to about $1.8 millionaccording to the independent Russian news website midfielder.

In addition to individuals, 12 legal entities, 15 civil servants and eight businessmen without legal personality were fined. The portal indicated that by mid-April 2023, more than 6,500 “discrediting” protocols for the Russian army had already been filed with Russian courts. At least 503 people, according to OVD-Infowere accused in criminal cases for their anti-war position.

(With information from EFE and AP)

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