Russia launched a second attack on the port of Odessa ahead of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Erdogan

Russia launched a second attack on the port of Odessa. (REUTERS) (UKRAINE’S OPERATIONAL COMMAND ‘S/)

The Russian Army attacked on Sunday night for three and a half hours straight with a barrage of Shahed kamikaze drones agricultural infrastructure of the Odessa Oblast of Ukrainewhere are the main river and sea ports from which Ukraine it exports cereals and other products.

According to the head of the Military Administration of the Odessa region, Oleg Kiper, Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses managed to shoot down 17 drones launched by Russia during the early hours of Sunday. Other drones, Kiper said, did hit their targets.

“In several towns in the Ismail district, (in the west of the Odesa region and bordering Romania) warehouses, production infrastructure, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment were damaged,” Kiper wrote on his Telegram account.

In the Ismail district are the Ukrainian ports of the Danube river, which have suffered several Russian attacks in recent weeks. Ukraine has used these ports to export part of the grain that before he took out for him Black Sea, before the Russian military blockade of Ukrainian maritime waters.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.  (Reuters)
Russian President Vladimir Putin. (REUTERS) (Sputnik Photo Agency /)

The impacts of the drones caused several fires that have already been extinguished.

Since he terminated the grain agreement in mid-July, for which he committed himself in July 2022 to Türkiye and the UN In allowing Ukrainian grain to exit through three Odessa seaports, Russia has regularly attacked the region’s ports and agricultural infrastructure.

In addition to valuable port infrastructure, these attacks have destroyed tens of thousands of tons of grain intended for export.

Russia calls for the end of some of the sanctions that weigh on its agricultural sector to return to the agreement.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  (Europe Press)
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (Europa Press) (-/Turkish Presidency/dpa/)

The Russian army already attacked the Odessa region early on Sunday, when, according to the Ukrainian authorities, reached civil infrastructures in the region. The Moscow authorities claimed to have reached the Danube port of Reni in that attack to destroy fuel tanks that would be used by the Ukrainian Army.

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The barrage of attacks by Kremlin troops occurred prior to the meeting that the Russian and Turkish presidents will hold this Monday in an attempt to revive the agreement to export grain from Ukraine.

“We play a leading role in this matter. We see strong support from all over the world for the realization of the grain corridor,” Turkey’s top foreign policy and security adviser Akif Cagatay Kilic said in an interview on the TV channel To Credit.

“The current situation (of the grain agreement) will be discussed at the summit on Monday. We are prudent, but we hope to succeed because it is a situation that affects the whole world, ”he added.

Food warehouses in the port of Odessa, in Ukraine, have been the target of Russian attacks in recent weeks.  (Reuters)
Food warehouses in the port of Odessa, in Ukraine, have been the target of Russian attacks in recent weeks. (REUTERS) (Ukrainian Armed Forces /)

Ankara acknowledged the technical complexities surrounding the deal, particularly regarding Russian grain and payment mechanisms, Kilic said. The issue also affects international payment systems such as SWIFTwhich poses a multifaceted challenge, he added.

“Here, the decision of the Russian leader is important. I believe that the bilateral meeting between President Erdogan and Putin will play the most important role in this matter, ”he noted.

(With information from EFE and Reuters)