Russia maintains silence on the crash of Prigozhin’s plane: the minimal coverage of its official agency on the case

Prigozhin’s flight path before crashing near Tver (Flightradar)

In a note published this Thursday by the official Russian news agency ratecontrolled by the Kremlin, Russia He assured that the private plane on which Yevgeny Prigozhin was traveling gained and lost altitude several times in a short period of time before falling to the ground. The boss of the wagner group was in the government’s sights Vladimir Putin since at the end of June he led a armed uprising of his private militia.

rate cited a report from the specialized flight tracking site flightradar. According to this report, the aircraft was at an altitude of about 8.5 kilometers until 18:19 Wednesday Moscow time. Subsequently, its vertical speed dropped sharply and it lost altitude.

Yevgeny Prigozhin - Plane Crash - Flighradar
The graph shows the altitude of the aircraft in feet per minute during the flight. (Flightradar)

The aircraft then reached a maximum altitude of about 9.15 kilometers before descending to 8.4 kilometers. It then stabilized at 8.9 km before beginning a steep descent and crashing near the town of Kuzhenkinoin the Russian region of Tver.

flightradar obtained the latest data when the aircraft was at an altitude of about 6 km. All of these changes occurred in 32 seconds.according to the report.

The plane, a Embraer Legacy 600, was traveling from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. All 10 people on board died in the accident: seven passengers and three crew members.

So far there was no no official comment from the Russian presidencynor of Ministry of Defence about the luck of Prigozhinbut a Telegram channel linked to his mercenary group Wagner, Gray Zonedeclared him dead.

The testimonies of the inhabitants

At the same time, the testimonials of the inhabitants from a town near the place where the plane crashed fueled doubts about the conditions of the accident. Several said they had heard a noise and then they saw the plane plummet to the ground.

Vitaly Stepenok72 years old, resident of Kuzhenkino, stated to Reuters: “I heard a burst or a roar Normally if there’s an explosion on the ground you’ll hear an echo, but it was just a bang and I looked up and I saw white smoke.”

A wing flew off in one direction and the fuselage went like thishe said, gesturing with his arms to show the plane heading toward the ground. “And then he slid down on one wing. It wasn’t plummeting, it was gliding”.

The remains of the private plane of the head of Wagner's mercenaries, Yevgeny Prigozhin, near the crash site (REUTERS / Marina Lystseva)
The remains of the private plane of the head of Wagner’s mercenaries, Yevgeny Prigozhin, near the crash site (REUTERS / Marina Lystseva) (STRINGER /)

Another villager, who gave his name as Anatolysaid: “As for what could have happened, I’ll just say this: it wasn’t thunder, it was a metallic crashLet’s put it like this. I’ve heard things like that before.”

The accounts of the witnesses seem to coincide with the version that is circulating at this time among Russian military bloggers and communication channels close to Wagnerwho talked about the existence of an explosive device placed in the landing gear compartment.

According to this version, the explosion would have torn off the wing, which hit the stabilizer, causing the plane to gain altitude sharply and then plummet. According to bloggers, this would also explain the fall of the tail part of the plane several kilometers from the fuselage.

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