Russia reaffirmed its alliance with China and supported the military exercises that surrounded Taiwan

A Chinese warship sails during a military exercise near Fuzhou, Fujian province, near the Taiwan-controlled Matsu Islands (Reuters) (THOMAS PETER /)

He Kremlin endorsed this Monday the China’s three-day maneuvers around Taiwanasserting that Beijing has the “sovereign right” to respond to what Moscow called “provocative acts.”

“We have witnessed multiple acts of a provocative nature towards the People’s Republic of China,” declared Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, almost simultaneously with Beijing’s announcement of the end of the maneuvers on its third day. Russia and China have intensified their ties after the invasion of Ukrainewhich has not been condemned by Xi Jinping.

China has the sovereign right to respond to these provocative acts, including with military maneuvers, in strict accordance with international law.”, added the spokesman for the government of Vladimir Putin.

The Xi Jinping regime announced that it “successfully completed” the military exercises around Taiwan, which began on Saturday in response to the meeting last Wednesday in California between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and the Speaker of the House. of United States Representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

Customers dine in Beijing near a giant screen broadcasting images of a plane taking off from China's aircraft carrier Shandong as it participates in combat readiness patrol and exercises.
Customers dine in Beijing near a giant screen broadcasting images of a plane taking off from China’s aircraft carrier Shandong while taking part in a combat readiness patrol and “Joint Sword” exercises around Taiwan (Reuters) (TINGSHU WANG/ )

The Chinese Army’s Eastern Theater of Operations reported in its account on the Wechat social network that it “conscientiously tested in actual combat conditions” to his forces, which completed “various tasks of preparation for the fight”.

The troops are ready to fight at any timespokesman Shi Yi said, adding that the forces are prepared to “resolutely crush any form of separatism and attempts at foreign interference.”

The maneuvers focused this Monday on the simulation of a “maritime blockade” of the islandreported the Chinese Ministry of Defense on its website.

Numerous destroyers and frigates carried out patrol missions and combat drills and rehearsed the assault on fleeing hostile ships, the state broadcaster reported. CCTV.

Chinese military vessels were active in northwest, southwest and eastern Taiwan, the network noted.

For its part, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs today “strongly” condemned China’s actions, which it described as “provocative.”

Taiwan Navy ship (via Reuters)
Taiwan Navy ship (via Reuters) (MILITARY NEWS AGENCY /)

Meanwhile, some 1,300 kilometers away, the US Navy said its destroyer USS Milius sailed into waters claimed by Beijing in the South China Sea on Monday in a “freedom of navigation” operation.

“This freedom of navigation operation respected the rights, freedoms and legitimate uses of the sea,” the Navy said in a statement, adding that the ship passed near the Spratly Islands.

Beijing has considered Taiwan a rogue province since Kuomintang nationalists withdrew there in 1949 after losing the civil war to the communist army.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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