Russia reported several drone strikes in Belgorod and evacuated civilians from nine towns on the Ukrainian border

Smoke rises in the village of Kozinka, Russia’s Belgorod region, in a still image from a video released Monday by the Freedom for Russia Legion group.

The governor of the Russian region of Belgorodborder with Ukraine, Viacheslav Gladkovreported this Tuesday various drone strikes during the early morning against two residential buildings and an administrative one, in the middle of the anti-terrorist operation underway, according to Russia, due to the raid the day before by saboteurs.

“In Graivoron two residential buildings They were attacked by drones. As a result of the launch they caught fire. There were no victims,” ​​the head of the Belgorod region wrote on his Telegram account.

Gladkov, he added, that in the village of Borisovka, “an explosive device was thrown from a drone over an administrative building”. There were no victims in this case either, stressed Gladkov, who explained that the roof of a house was damaged.

It is currently impossible to independently verify who was behind the attacks or what their objective was. Disinformation has been one of the weapons in these 15 months of war.

As reported, the evacuation of civilians is underway in nine towns near the border. “Cleanup work continues in the affected areas,” declared the governor.

The governor of the Belgorod region, Viacheslav Gladkov (Sputnik/Reuters)
The governor of the Belgorod region, Viacheslav Gladkov (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

According to Gladkov, an elderly woman died during the evacuation on Monday and two other people were injured “in the settlements that the enemy entered”. That brought the total injured in the attack to 10. Russian forces continued to comb the area.

“Now I appeal to the residents of the Graivoron district, who (…) temporarily left their homes, it is not yet possible to return”Gladkov said.

Moscow Declaration

For his part, the Kremlin expressed “grave concern” for the events near the border and pointed out that it is necessary to “more effort” to stop the alleged incursion.

A criminal case has been opened for an attack on settlements in the Belgorod region,” the Russian Investigative Committee, which is tasked with investigating major cases, said in a statement.

In turn, the head of the mercenary company Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhinpraised the work of the Russian border guards of the Belgorod region, but attacked the Ministry of Defenseusual target of his criticism.

“Where were the military when the sabotage and reconnaissance group broke in? This is a big question for the head of the military department to ask themselves,” he said in an audio posted on his Telegram channel.

A representative of the Directorate of Military Intelligence of Ukraine assured the press the day before that behind these attacks are two groups of Russian volunteers who are fighting against the Kremlin: the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom for Russia Legion.

The main goal of these raids would be to create a “security zone” that would protect Ukrainian civilians from Russian bombing.

The Ukrainian Presidency disassociated itself from the incursion into the territory of the neighboring country.

The British Ministry of Defense considered it “highly likely” that Russian security forces had clashed with partisans in at least three locations in Belgorod.

“Russia faces an increasingly serious multi-domain security threat in its border regions, with combat aircraft losses, pipe bomb attacks on railways and now direct actions by partisans,” the ministry said in a tweet.

(With information from EFE, AFP, AP)

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