Russia threatened to close a dozen media if they do not eliminate investigations carried out by the opposition Alexei Navalny

Archive image of a banner in favor of the release of Alexei Navalni in Berlin (OMER MESSINGER/)

The Russian authorities have threatened to close a dozen online media outlets if they do not withdraw the information on a series of investigations carried out by the opposition Alexei Navalni on corruption.

the independent chain Dozhd has denounced that for the moment it has received orders to withdraw six of its articles, while the radio station ekho moskvy has received 34 similar orders, although the portal jellyfish has received another 17, thirteen and Svodobnyye Novosti nine.

Other media at the regional level have also received orders to withdraw coverage of Navalni’s investigations, which have been described as “extremists” by the authorities, according to information from Dozhd.

This information covered the investigations carried out by the dissident in 2017 and that accused the now former prime minister Dimitri Medvedev in illicitly owned businesses and included accusations against senior government officials, including President Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin (SPUTNIK/)

The prosecution has indicated, however, that these publications distribute material belonging to an extremist organization, so they must be removed. The government has blacklisted Navalni’s organizations and banned their activities within the country.

Several Navalni associates have left Russia, while five coordinators at the regional level have been placed under house arrest for belonging to these groups. The aforementioned media have indicated that they will comply with the orders in an attempt to avoid being blocked.


The Russian Government has declared in search and capture Oleg Navalnibrother of the opposition Alexei, after a court requested last Tuesday end his probation for allegedly violating the sanitary measures imposed in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Russian Interior Ministry has stressed that Oleg Navalni “will be sought under an article of the Penal Code”without giving more details, as reported by the Russian agency Sputnik.

Oleg Navalny (Mikhail Tereshchenko/)

Oleg Navalni was sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence for participating in a protest to demand the release of his brother in January 2021, something that, according to the Russian authorities, was a call for an unauthorized protest in the midst of a pandemic.

Alexei Navalni was arrested on January 18 upon arrival at Moscow airport after spending months in Germany recovering from poisoning —for which the prominent opponent directly blames the country’s president, Vladimir Putin–, to which has happened the repression of protests in his favor and the arrest of thousands of demonstrators.

During the day last Tuesday, the authorities included the opponent and four of his collaborators in a list of terrorists and extremists of the Federal Agency for Financial Supervision (Rosfinmonitoring) in relation to the activities of the Foundation for the Fight against Corruption (FBK), outlawed in June 2021 after being declared an extremist organization by a Moscow court.

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