Russian gas exports fell 25.1 percent in 2022

Employees working at the Alexander Zhagrin oil field, operated by Gazprom Neft (Gazprom Neft/)

The Russian gas exports fell by 25.1% in 2022a decline that was partly offset by the 48% increase in supplies to China, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Novak reported today.

The sharp fall in gas exports is due “to the refusal of European countries to buy Russian gas, and to sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelinesdue to the conflict in Ukraineindicated Novak in an article published on the specialized information portal Energetic politics.

“The exports fell 25.1% to 184,400 million cubic meters of gas. At the same time throughout the year gas supplies to China were actively increased“, wrote.

Last year Russia pumped 15,400 million cubic meters of gas to the Asian giant, an amount that the official described as “all-time high”, and highlighted the growth potential of exports to Asian countries, for which he advanced plans to diversify gas infrastructures.

“For this, Gazprom by order of the president studies accelerate the laying of the Far East route and also of the Siberian Force 2″, he pointed.

Vladimir Putin participates in the launch of production in the Kovykta gas field, which will be connected to the Power of Siberia gas pipeline that carries Russian gas to China (Reuters)
Vladimir Putin participates in the launch of production in the Kovykta gas field, which will be connected to the Siberian Power gas pipeline that carries Russian gas to China (Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

Moscow and Beijing agreed a year ago to export 10,000 million cubic meters of gas through the Far East route, to which must be added the expected 50,000 million for the future Siberian Force 2 gas pipeline, which will cross Mongolia.

In turn, Novak stressed that the exports of liquefied natural gas had increased by 7.9% to reach 45,700 million cubic meters. “The world gas market is becoming very global, so in the future liquefied gas will be even more in demand due to its ease of transportation,” he said.

Novak estimated the extraction of liquefied gas in the last twelve months at 673,800 million cubic meters.

For his part, crude oil exports grew 7.6% in 2022.

Coal exports also fell by 7.5% to stay at 210.9 million tons, while total production rose to 443.6 million tons. In his article, the Deputy Prime Minister reported that coal exports to India increased by 2.5 times to 16.7 million tons and in the case of China they increased by 11.2% to 59, 52 million tons.

He recalled that the best stimulus for the development of the sector is the agreement with India to sell 40 million tons of coke coal per year until 2030.

Russia expects to multiply its coal exports to the Asia-Pacific region by at least two times, for which the capacity to transport coal by rail will be increased by 180 million tons per year.

(With information from EFE)

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