Russian high-precision sea and land-based missiles destroyed a refinery and three fuel depots in Odessa

Firefighters operate at an oil refinery that caught fire after a missile attack near the port city of Odessa, amid Russia’s ongoing invasion, in Ukraine, on April 3, 2022. (REUTERS) (NACHO DOCE/ )

The Russian Army has destroyed a refinery and three fuel depots in the last 24 hours, that of Kremenchuk, in the center of Ukraine and the largest in the country, and that of Odessa, a strategic port city in the south that had not received until now major attacks.

The first attack occurred last night, as reported on his Facebook account Dmitro Lunin, head of the military administration of the central Poltava region, who indicated that the infrastructure has been “destroyed” and that some people suffered burns, although their lives, He added, they are not in danger.

In his message, he indicated that due to the damage the plant does not work and reported that in Mirgorod an airport fuel warehouse has also suffered damage. The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that it used “high-precision, long-range weapons” to attack the refinery, “which supplied Ukrainian troops in the center and east of the country.”

(REUTERS/Nacho Doce)

According to the Ukrainian daily “Ukrainskaya Pravda”, the Kremenchuk refinery was the largest in Ukraine and had a capacity of 18.6 million tons of crude oil.

This attack was followed by this morning’s attack on a second refinery, that of Odessa, located in the north of this city on the shores of the Black Sea, where an oil pipeline arrives from Russia and passes through Kremenchuk.

The impact of several Russian missiles on the infrastructure has not caused any casualties at the moment, as reported by Colonel of the Southern Operational Command of the Ukrainian Army, Vladislav Nazarov, in the official Telegram account of the Odessa City Council.

Odessa (Reuters)
Odessa (Reuters) (NACHO DOCE/)

The Southern Air Command has also reported that this morning the anti-aircraft units of the Ukrainian Army have shot down two cruise missiles launched by Russia from the sea.

The attack on the Odessa refinery occurred around six in the morning local time and the explosions (at least six of different intensity) were felt kilometers from the site.

As Efe has been able to verify, four columns of black smoke have risen from the refinery complex, visible from all over the city.

Several of the missiles have landed on fuel depots, causing flames tens of meters high and intermittent explosions.

Tatiana, who lives in an apartment in a two-story building about fifty meters from the entrance to the facility, explained to Efe on the spot that she has heard six explosions, four of them in the refinery area and two more somewhat further away.

“We heard a noise and jumped out of bed,” he added, pointing to the glass of his windows, all broken by the blast wave. Another neighbor, Sergei, has felt the attacks as “an earthquake” from his house, located on a hill several hundred meters from the infrastructure.

Smoke is seen from an oil refinery which caught fire following a missile attack near the port city of Odesa, amid the ongoing Russia's invasion, in Ukraine, April 3, 2022. REUTERS/Nacho Doce
Smoke is seen from an oil refinery which caught fire following a missile attack near the port city of Odesa, amid the ongoing Russia’s invasion, in Ukraine, April 3, 2022. REUTERS/Nacho Doce (NACHO DOCE/)

The Russian Ministry of Defense has also reported this attack in its morning part, in which it states that the refinery was supplying the Ukrainian troops fighting on the front in the neighboring city of Mikolaiv, some 130 kilometers east of Odessa and where missiles have also fallen today.

The attack, Russia says, took place “with high-precision naval and land missiles” aimed at the refinery and three fuel depots.

Since the beginning of their invasion, Russian troops have prioritized vital infrastructure and airports among their objectives, and this is not the first time that they have attacked hydrocarbon deposits.

The city of Lysychansk, in Donbas, in the east of the country, suffered a bombardment this week that caused dozens of injuries and the burning of an oil refinery.

Another Russian missile attack also hit an oil depot in the Dnipropetrovsk region of central Ukraine in recent days.

Fuel depots in Lviv, in western Ukraine, were also hit by Russian bombs coinciding with the visit of North American President Joe Bien to neighboring Poland.

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