Russian mothers and wives demanded that Putin stop sending their sons and husbands “to the slaughterhouse”

Russian mothers and wives demonstrated against Putin

A group of Russian wives and mothers demanded that Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin stop sending their husbands and children “to slaughter” forcing them to join raiding parties without adequate training and supplies.

As detailed CNNin images shared by the SOTA Telegram channel, the women claim that their husbands and sons were “forced to join raiding parties” in early March, despite having received only four days of training since his mobilization in September.

In the images the women appear holding a sign in Russian reading “Howitzer Artillery Division 580” and the date March 11, 2023.

“My husband… is in the line of contact with the enemy,” says a woman in the recording quoted by the North American chain. And she adds:Our mobilized men are being sent like lambs to the slaughter to storm fortified areas, five by five, against 100 heavily armed enemy men.”

“They are prepared to serve their country, but according to the specialization for which they have trained, not as stormtroopers. We ask you to withdraw our men from the line of contact and provide the gunners with artillery and ammunition,” they demanded.

Putin faces enormous discontent from the population that sees how their loved ones are forced into a war that drags on over time and it does not seem to have a certain date of peace.

He Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) estimates that Russia has suffered more casualties in a single year in Ukraine than in any conflict it has been involved in since World War II.and that Russian forces are now mired in a “war of attrition” that will almost certainly require long-term support from the West if Kiev is to emerge victorious from the conflict.

Ukraine, in February 2023, has become “a trench warfare, wave attacks, artillery and high casualties on both sides,” according to experts from the US center, based in Washington DC In the case of Russia, They believe that 25 times more soldiers die per month in Ukraine than in the Chechnya war and 35 times more than in Afghanistan in the same period.

Specifically, according to the group, Russia has suffered between 60,000 and 70,000 combat deaths in Ukraine between February 2022 and February 2023, between regular military, fighters of the pro-Russian militias, and contractors of private military companies such as the Wagner Group. This death toll exceeds the combined number of those killed in all conflicts with a Soviet or Russian presence since 1945.

In general, Russia has suffered between 200,000 and 250,000 total casualties (counting wounded, dead and missing personnel) during the first year of the war. These casualty estimates also include regular Russian soldiers, militiamen, and private contractors.

“We fled Russia because we want to live,” a man who asked not to be named to protect his loved ones told CNN. “We are afraid that they will send us to Ukraine.”

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