Russian opponent Alexei Navalny told how he lives in prison between “educational” sessions and sewing days

Alexei Navalny, during one of the trials against him (EFE/EPA/YURI KOCHETKOV/File) (YURI KOCHETKOV/)

The main Russian opponent, Alexei Navalny recounted this Friday, in a sarcastic tone, his day-to-day life in the high-security prison to which he was transferred, between sewing workshops and “educational” sessions, which take place under the portrait of President Vladimir Putin.

Following the entry into force of a new court sentence, the opponent was transferred in mid-June to a prison located about 250 km east of Moscow, known by the mistreatment of detainees.

In a message posted on Instagram alongside a photo of him at a fence, Navalny gave details of his life in prison. Every day she gets up at 06:00 am, and works in a sewing workshop that is in the establishment.

“We spend seven hours in front of a sewing machine, sitting on a stool lower than our knees”indicated the opponent.

In addition, he reported that when not sewing, she must carry out “educational activities” consisting of “sitting for hours on a bench under a portrait of Putin”.

Alexei Navalny in prison
Alexei Navalny’s post in prison

I don’t know who can ‘educate’ this type of activity, except, eventually, for an invalid with a crushed back”, commented. “The Saturday, the working day lasts five hours. Afterwards, we have to sit on the bench under the portrait again,” he explained.

Sunday is the “rest day” but also then you have to go back to the bank “for ten hours”.

With everything, Navalny affirmed that he remains “optimistic” and that he has learned by heart and in English passages from “Hamlet”, by Shakespeare.

“Prisoners who work with me say that when i close my eyes and mumble things in shakespearian english […] It seems that I am summoning the devil”Navalny joked.

“But that doesn’t even occur to me. summoning the demon would be a violation of internal regulations”, added the opponent, who usually accuses the prison authorities of accusing him of fictitious infractions to harden his detention conditions.

Archive image of a banner for the release of Alexei Navalny in Berlin (OMER MESSINGER)
Archive image of a banner in favor of the release of Alexei Navalny in Berlin (OMER MESSINGER) (OMER MESSINGER/)

alexei Navalny was arrested in January 2021 upon his return from Berlin.where he spent several months recovering after having narrowly survived a poisoning, of which he accuses President Vladimir Putin.

Since then, who was considered one of the voices most critical of the Kremlin, is serving a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for another case of alleged fraud dating back to 2014.

Last month, Navalny accused during a telematic court hearing the president, Vladimir Putin, of being a “madman” who has started a “stupid war” in Ukraine and that he is “killing innocent people in Russia and Ukraine.”

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