Russian PM arrives in China to meet Xi Jinping and business leaders

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

The Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustincame to China to meet with the president Xi Jinping and sign new trade and infrastructure agreementsreported the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mishustin arrived in Shanghai late Monday, the ministry said, where he was received at the airport by Moscow’s ambassador to China Igor Morgulov and China’s chief diplomat to Russia Zhang Hanhui.

will participate in a Russian-Chinese Business Forum and will visit a petrochemical research institute in Shanghai, in addition to speaking with “representatives of Russian business circles,” according to the Kremlin.

The forum invited several Russian tycoons sanctionedincluding some of the key fertilizer, steel and mining sectors, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, in charge of energy issues, reported Bloomberg.

the british newspaper Financial Times had pointed out that Mishustin would attend the event accompanied by the president of the Sberbank bank, Herman Gref, and the president of the telecommunications operator Rostelecom, Mikhail Oseevsky, as well as a group of businessmen from the industrial sector.

Experts quoted by the official Chinese press assured that the forum will serve to “deepen industrial cooperation in sectors such as high technology or information technology”, as well as to reinforce the “globalization trend” at a time when the debate goes through the possibility of an economic decoupling.

China became Russia’s main energy customer last yearwhose gas exports fell following Western sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Global Times It is worth noting that, according to data from Chinese Customs, trade between the two countries increased by 41.3% year-on-year in the first four months of this year.

Mishustin will later travel to Beijing, where will meet with President Xi and Premier Li Qiangaccording to the Russian state agency TASS.

Xi Jinping and Mikhail Mishustin in a March meeting (Sputnik/Reuters)
Xi Jinping and Mikhail Mishustin in a March meeting (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

In recent years, China and Russia have intensified economic cooperation and diplomatic contacts, and their strategic alliance has deepened after the invasion. However, one of the analysts quoted by the Chinese newspaper points out that both countries should expand their commercial ties to sectors with higher added value, since these are currently focused on the exchange of resources and raw materials.

China claims to be neutral in the conflict and has refused to condemn Russia for the invasion.

Analysts have said China has the dominant position in its relationship with Russia, and that its influence grows as Moscow’s isolation deepens.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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