Ruth González Silva sponsors 12 girls and adolescents in their First Communion

In an emotional ceremony, the president of the State DIF fulfilled the wishes of the girls and adolescents residing in the “Rosario Castellanos” assistance center.

The State System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF), chaired by Ruth González Silva, took the necessary steps to fulfill the desire of 12 girls and adolescents under the guardianship of said body, to carry out the Catholic celebration of the first communion .

As an initiative of the volunteer coordination, sponsorship was achieved, with which the benefited minors had prior preparation such as catechism, as well as clothing, accessories, and a reception in a restaurant in the north of the city.

In this way, the State DIF of San Luis Potosí confirmed its commitment to support the comprehensive well-being of the minors in its custody, placing particular emphasis on the development of activities that allow a perspective of respect and support for their ideology and beliefs. .

In this regard, Ruth González, honorary president of the DIF State System, highlighted the importance of creating the conditions for a normal life for the child population under the protection of the organization under her responsibility, also pointing out the great willingness to help on the part of San Luis Potosí society , through the various participating volunteer ladies.

“The girls and adolescents residing in social assistance centers profess a religion and the State is not going to prevent them from accessing the spiritual growth they are looking for, we are committed to their full development, and that implies supporting them in this type of initiative “said González Silva.