Salman Rushdie revealed an excerpt from his next novel, four months after the attempt on his life

Salman Rushdie (via Reuters) (SCANPIX DENMARK /)

Four months after being seriously injured in a knife attack in the northern United States, the British writer Salman Rushdie revealed an excerpt from his upcoming novel in The New Yorker magazine on Monday.

The New Yorker posted on the Internet an excerpt entitled “A Sackful of Seeds” (a sack of seeds) from Rushdie’s fifteenth novel, entitled “Victory City” (Victoria City), scheduled for publication in early February by Penguin Random House.

The book tells the “epic story” of a woman in the fourteenth century in what is now part of India, the publisher reported.

According to The New Yorkerthis excerpt will be published in its print edition dated December 12 and will go on sale on Monday.

Rushdie, an Indian-born Briton, confirmed on Twitter that the magazine had published an excerpt from “Victory City.”

It was the first time Rushdie had posted anything on the platform since August 9, when he announced that his next book would be out in February 2023. Three days later, on August 12, when he was about to speak at a conference in the North from the state of New York (northeast) a man burst onto the stage and stabbed him several times in the neck and abdomen.

Helicoptered to a hospital, the “Satanic Verses” author had to be put briefly on a respirator before his condition improved.

british writer he has since lost sight in one eye and mobility in one hand, among other serious consequences.

The main suspect hadi killa 24-year-old Lebanese-American at the time, was arrested immediately after the events and pleaded not guilty in his trial that began in mid-August before a court in Mayville, New York.

Hadi Matar, charged with attempted murder (Reuters)
Hadi Matar, accused of attempted murder (Reuters) (LINDSAY DEDARIO /)

The attack caused shock in the West, but was praised by extremists in Muslim countries such as Iran and Pakistan.

The writer has been persecuted for 33 years by a Fatwa of the Iranian Supreme Leader which condemns him to death.

Rushdie is a US citizen and has lived in New York for 20 years.

Iran denied any involvement in the stabbing attack on Rushdie.

(With information from AFP)

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