Samuel Eto’o predicted an unprecedented final for the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Samuel Eto’o trusts the African teams (AP)

Two weeks to the start of Qatar World Cup, While the national teams begin to publish the payroll of their soccer players, several soccer stars are encouraged to give their predictions about what will happen in the big event and one of them was nothing less than Samuel Eto’o.

The former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker, among other big clubs, was asked about who will be the champion of the tournament that will start on November 20 and end on December 18 and was surprised to anticipate an unprecedented final between two teams that never reached decisive instances. “Cameroon against Morocco will be the final”predicted in dialogue with the official channels of the tournament.

The current president of the federation of Cameroon He was confident that his team would make history and he was sure about the performance of the five representatives from his continent: “I see the five African teams qualifying from the group stage”. As he explained he, his country, Morocco Y Senegal will even end up as leaders of their groups, while Ghana Y Tunisia seconds will pass.

“A classification of Morocco in the final after the victories against Spain (in the round of 16), Portugal (in the quarterfinals) and the current French champion (in the semifinals). On the Cameroon side, the expected path to the final goes through victories against Belgium (in the quarterfinals) and Senegal, winner of the African Cup of Nations (semifinals)”, said the former footballer chosen as the best on the African continent in 2003 , 2004, 2005 and 2010.

For now, Cameroon will have a difficult starting test because it shares Group G with Switzerland, Brazil Y Serbian, while Morocco is part of Group F along with Croatia, Belgium Y Canada. In addition, in the bookmakers they pay 11-1 and 8-1, respectively, if any of these countries wins the title in qatarso Eto’o could pocket a fortune if he dares to deposit his money with them.

To date, the two African teams that have gone the furthest in a world Cup have been Senegal in 2002, when it was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Turkey after a 1-0 and Ghana in 2010, which was defeated in that same instance by Uruguay on penalties, in a duel remembered for the save of Luis Suárez about the hour that earned him the expulsion by hitting the ball with his hand to avoid the fall of the Light blue.

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