San Francisco de Asís Temple reopens in Guadalajara after seven years closed

After being closed since 2016, Tempo San Francisco reopens, a historic site in Guadalajara

With the delivery of plaques of gratitude to the experts who provided advice and brothers of the Franciscan Province of Saints Francisco and Santiago in Mexico AR (Ordo Fratrum Minorum OFM), who have been on the lookout for the restoration work that throughout The temple of San Francisco de Asís has experienced seven years due to the damage suffered by the works of L3 of the Urban Electric Train System (Siteur) ended the reopening mass of the historic site that was held this noon.

According to Fray Gabriel Cardiel, director of the Temple of San Francisco, as of tomorrow, Sunday, the invitation is open to all parishioners who wish to attend.

“To admire again this temple that has been closed since 2016. We will only be watching that the occupation is 50 percent of its capacity, also to prevent covid-19 infections.”

The priest explained that this percentage is equivalent to 75 or 80 people.

Fray Ángel Gabino Gutiérrez Martínez, Minister of the Franciscan Province of Saints Francisco and Santiago in Mexico, shared at the end of today’s reopening mass that after realizing that the earthquake of September 19, 2022 did not affect the San Francisco temple .

The priest explained that there is a need to clean up any weeds detected on the roof, remove the doors and clean the quarry, he said that they have continued with the negotiations with the corresponding authorities to obtain funds and correct these maintenance details.

On the other hand, Miguel Zarate, a collaborator of Milenio Jalisco and councilor of Guadalajara, came on behalf of the City Council and said he was happy that an area that is a historical and artistic heritage was reopened.

“Happy for the reopening, it is a historical and artistic site, built that is the heritage of all Guadalajara and that is one more element of presumption for people to know what Guadalajara is, I think that the temples of San Francisco and Aránzazu are the jewel in the crown of Paseo Alcalde.

We do not evade responsibility, we accompany the Franciscans in their constant requests for information to the involved instances of the three levels of government such as the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), the State Government, and we will continue to provide that accompaniment”.