San Luis Potosí will host another film production

They project an economic revival in tourism in the city with the new production.

The head of Municipal Tourism Claudia Lorena Peralta Antiga reported that at the end of January and beginning of February 2023, the capital of San Luis Potosí will become the scene of a new film production, which will trigger the tourist and economic reactivation in the city.

Peralta Antiga, specified that the recording of the film product will last for at least three months, during which time more than 200 people from the production will arrive, which will promote local consumption.

He advanced that the decision to record in the capital puts San Luis Potosí in the national eye, which unleashes national and international tourism to want to know the city and especially the places where the series or movie is being recorded.

He also explained that the production, which is about to begin recording, already has permits from the municipal and Security and Civil Protection agencies, and will use locations such as various streets in the Historic Center and haciendas in the capital of Potosi, in addition to some places in municipalities near San Luis Potosí as Santa María del Río.

Claudia Peralta highlighted that this 2023 it is contemplated that the capital of San Luis Potosí will host two other productions, that is, that three new film projects will be recorded between films and series.

Finally, the director of Tourism stressed that in the coming days more details will be given about the production that will take place in the capital of San Luis Potosí at the end of this month of January 2023.