San Salvador Atenco is filled with colors with its traditional carnival

The streets of San Salvador Atenco are filled with colors during its traditional carnival.

The streets of San Salvador Atenco were stained with colors when hundreds of residents dressed in wax masks characterized as old men, with long beards, wearing colorful costumes and wearing multicolored hats, came out today to dance to the rhythm of the wind band to give life to the traditional carnival, a festivity that dates back more than 140 years.

In the towns of Atenco, who fought for many years against the construction of the new airport on their lands; These days of February are for celebration, music and dance and to demonstrate that they preserve their traditions.

This ancient carnival maintains a religious and allegorical meaning.

From an early hour, the residents prepare their costumes, masks, hats and umbrellas, ordered to be made months before, exclusively for the occasion.

The masks of old and bearded men are the representation of European men who came to the American continent and are a mockery of their appearance and to hide their true physique. The multicolored costumes are an allegory to the festival.

And some other men dress as women, with short dresses, stockings and heels. This year, many children have been seen participating in their multicolored costumes.

Faithful to tradition, the residents take to the streets keeping a formation and to the rhythm of wind band music, they dance in each of the houses that request them. The residents offer food and drinks for the dancers.

Over the years the festival has had different meanings, the religious one that is the representation of the search for Jesus Christ; that of making fun of the appearance of Europeans and that of the carnal festival. But nowadays it is that of a family and allegorical festivity and above all it means preserving their traditions”.