Sandra Echeverría and Leonardo de Lozanne separate again after attempted reconciliation

In November 2022, Sandra Echeverría revealed that she had separated from Leonardo de Lozanne for the first time.

Love is over! Sandra Echeverría confirmed that she separated again from Leonardo de Lozanne, after they announced in June of this year that they were in the process of reconciliation for the sake of her son Andrés.

Sandra Echeverria indicated that they tried to save their marriage of eight years, but their priorities have changed over time.

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“We are in a time of making decisions, right now I am alone. It has been very difficult, I believe that time is key and the fact that one stays in peace knowing that they fought until the end, I think that is what gives you the most tranquility and peace, “said the Mexican regional singer for Uno TV channel.

Sandra Echeverría commented that she has many plans ahead with her son, after an 11-year relationship with the singer of Phobia, Leonardo de Lozanne.

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“I have tried to be distracted, I have been reading, that helps me a lot. Being distracted, having plans with my son, enjoying ourselves, having a series of things”.

“It has been the most intense year of my life, it has been a challenge in all aspects, but blessed God, there are always blessings behind all these changes and behind all these transformation crises. Fortunately, work is raining down on me,” added the actress.