Sangria of musicians on Spotify: Crosby, Stills and Nash also leave the platform because it spreads misinformation

The band Crosby, Stills and Nash also pushed back against misinformation on Spotify (Leo Liberman 164)

The music platform Spotify fails to recover from the blow, while more musicians decide to retire due to a series of joe rogan podcast that spread what many consider “disinformation” about COVID-19.

This time it was the turn of David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nashwho released a statement through the Twitter account of the former, in which they support their colleague and former bandmate Neil Young, the first to raise his voice against the platform.

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash vs. Spotify
David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash’s tweet against Spotify

“We agree with him that this is dangerous information being spread through Joe Rogan’s Spotify podcast. While we value differing viewpoints, knowingly spreading disinformation during a pandemic has deadly consequences.”, they affirm.

neil young spotify cover
Neil Young was the first musician to remove his songs from Spotify

The brief statement concludes: “Until real actions are taken that demonstrate an interest in humanity over commercial interestwe don’t want our music — or the music we make together — to be on the same platform.”

Joni Mitchell was another of the musicians who recently announced that he would remove his music from Spotify in protest, and have also joined the criticism on prince harry of England and his wife, Megan Markle.

Until now and in answer mode, Spotify announced that it will include a content notice on “any episode of a podcast that includes a discussion of covid-19″but has not been willing to break his contract with Rogan.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan, the host of the controversial Spotify podcast

Some versions indicate that after the departure of Neil Young, the company fell about 2.1 million dollars in the stock marketadding to a losing streak.

Tuesday, until The White House got into the controversy and asked Spotify to “do more” to combat misinformation against covid-19 in the content that is broadcast on its platform, alluding to the controversy generated by what is one of its most listened to podcasts.

The White House spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, appreciated Spotify’s decision to include a notice in all its content where it talks about covid-19, but believed that that and other social networks must be more “responsible and vigilant” in the face of disinformation about the pandemic.

“The announcement (that Spotify is going to include) is a positive step, but we want all platforms to continue to do more to expose misinformation and data manipulation, while promoting accurate information”, Psaki said in his daily press conference.

Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell (REUTERS/Tom Brenner)
Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell (REUTERS / Tom Brenner) (TOM BRENNER /)

Psaki stressed that is “16 times more likely to be hospitalized if you have not been vaccinated” against covid-19, and “68 times more likely to die than a person who has received a third dose”.

“That’s pretty significant, and we think it’s something that Without a doubt, it should be the basis of how people communicate on this subject”, he added.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is the most popular podcast in the United States and is broadcast exclusively on that digital platform, after the company will sign its creator in 2020 for 100 million dollars.

The program has been repeatedly criticized for promoting coronavirus conspiracy theories and encouraging non-vaccinationas 270 American doctors and scientists warned a few weeks ago in a letter sent to Spotify.

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