Sara Sosa pays tribute to her father, José José, while Marysol Sosa and Anel Noreña continue to fight

Sara Sosa paid tribute to her father, José José.

The strong lawsuit between Anel Noreña and her daughter Marysol Sosa seems to have no end, almost four years after the death of José José.

In the midst of the hard battle that stars Anel Norena with your daughter, Marysol Sosaby the name and image of Jose jose, Sarita Sosa also paid tribute to her father, the “Prince of Song”.

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after the festival ‘Love, want and rock’ organized by Marysol Sosa together with her husband, Xavier Orozcoin which various exponents of the rock scene in our country participated, such as Rubén Albarrán, Cuca, La Lupita, La Castañeda, Rostros Ocultos and Micky Huidobro, where José José’s daughter warned her mother that she will continue to do concerts due to the success of this first concert, Sara Sosaalso the daughter of José José, paid tribute to her father on the 25th anniversary of the Carolinas Carnival 2023in United States.

Sarita Sosa remembered her endearing father with emblematic songs from her musical legacy such as “The sad”, “Volcano”, “What was not will not be”among other songs.

“I’m speechless, sorry for being like this… I love you very much, thank you very much. Long live the prince, long live his songs, long live his people who loved him so much! Really, I leave very full, very happy, with a very nice, new memory, because I used to come here almost every year when I was little with my dad. So, it’s the first time I’ve gone up without it, ”said the singer that she received recognition from the host of the event, Alex Ruiz.

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