Sara Sosa plots a perverse plan: ally with Marysol to leave José Joel and Anel with nothing

On September 28, 2019 he died Jose Romulo Sosa Ortiz, known to all as José José, among a sea of ​​doubts about the true causes of his death. The Prince of Song had left a veritable battlefield between his sons in Mexico and the United States, as well as a confusing inheritance that included memorabilia, jewelry, priceless items, and royalties from a career that only he himself could pay off.

With more than 30 record productions and more than 200 Gold and Platinum Records for selling almost 300 million records, the singer’s royalties are the true jewel in the crown of an inheritance that for 3 years 3 months was believed to be non-existent. The Prince died at the age of 71, after his health problems diminished a recovery that seemed to have been achieved, and 2023 will be the year of José José, but without real earnings for his family.

TVyNovelas spoke with an important person from the United States and who, from a distance, maintains contact with José’s American family, to which the singer’s youngest daughter, Sarita Sosa, belongs.


For Sarita, the end of 2022 was a season to regain joy at home, because together with her daughter Belén and her husband Yimmy they have achieved the family union they needed, since there were some problems during the year that could have ended in divorce. ; Fortunately for the couple, little by little things were fixed and although Yimmy still does not have a formal job, she can contribute some things to the house, which was given as a gift by José José to her daughter during his lifetime.

It was at a meeting with friends that Sarita commented on the existence of a letter and a video recorded during the Prince’s health improvement, where apparently he himself refers that his legacy will be for Sarita. However, both the family of Mexico and Sara are waiting for the other party to show her cards in order to mount a real legal strategy.

Sarita and Manuel José come together to exploit José José’s legacy and launch against heirs


According to what they tell us, Sara Sosa is only waiting for the Mexican family to take the first real step in claiming José José’s inheritance, which Anel decided to take publicly and through the media, however, in the courts there is still no ruling that refers to Anel being able to take possession. Meanwhile, Sara would be preparing a legal battle so that in the event that Anel or his children claim something from him, they cannot even set foot in the United States. Sosa Noreña is that José Joel and Marysol, children that Anel had with José José, were going to end up fighting.

They say that the rumor that they were bothered by their different points of view on how to protect themselves during the pandemic could be a montage so as not to suggest that he was the eldest son of Although Anel has made public the existence of an apparent will of José José, it has not yet It is known what is inside, however, she has proclaimed that she would be the sole owner of the singer’s name and the total heir to the entire legacy of one of the greatest Mexican performers of all time.


What the singing family did not count on was the first to try to limit Marysol’s career so that it was only him who made the important decisions regarding the legacy. The curious thing is that Sara already had contact with Manuel José, an imitator of José José, who for some time asked to be recognized as the singer’s legitimate son and who also fans and Sarita herself find a real resemblance to the Prince of the song.

Although for some media it was just publicity for a show put on by the impersonator, the truth is that Sarita spoke with Manuel and asked him about the situation in Mexico and how they could reach the fans of the late artist without being overshadowed. by the Sosa Noreña.

Sarita and Manuel José come together to exploit José José’s legacy and launch against heirs


Now, what would be a bad joke for Marysol Sosa is a reality, because Sara Sosa would be interested in talking to her and literally showing her her cards. Sara Sosa would apparently know that Marysol never committed any offense against her father, on the contrary, according to TVyNovelas, the eldest daughter would not be aware of some of José José’s problems with Anel, who during the last days of 2022 made it clear to Marysol that she would not be considered in the legal and licensing issues of her father José José.

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