Sasha claims Yordi for the interview with Luis de Llano: “You didn’t think of me, you thought of rating”

In March of this year, Sasha Sökol decided to publicly and legally denounce Luis de Llano for alleged sexual abuse.

Luis de Llano decided that the only interview to talk about this complaint would be on Yordi Rosado’s YouTube program, in which he assured that his relationship with Sasha “was only six months” and that “I don’t know if she fell in love but I did fall in love.”

Yordi Rosado, before the confession of Luis de Llano, limited himself to making exclamations of surprise. This week he assured that he had “lacked experience” and that the interview should have been carried out more seriously because of the subject.

Sasha Sökol, however, has decided to speak on the subject and through a message on Twitter explained to Yordi what that interview meant.

“Yordi: you did not lack experience, you lacked empathy. Of course you are not to blame for what your guests tell you, but you are responsible for your response to what you hear,” Sasha wrote.

Sasha accused Luis de Llano through civil proceedings and denounced him for having abused her since she was 14 years old.

In her Twitter message, the singer added:

“While you were asking those questions, you thought about the rating your program would have… You didn’t think about me. Not me at 14, not me today. You either have empathy or you don’t. You didn’t have it.”

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