Sasha Sokol breaks down in tears upon hearing the new statements by Luis de Llano

In a recent meeting with the press, Sasha Sokol could not help but cry when she heard the controversial statements by Luis de Llano.

Upon her arrival in CDMX, Sasha Sokol was intercepted by the press, who questioned her opinion regarding the recent statements made by Luis de Llano, who assured that she regrets nothing, after revealing that she had a relationship with the singer when she was 14 years and 39, before this, the famous surprised to be strongly affected.

The statements that Luis de Llano gave to Yordi Rosado, for several months, continue to generate great controversy.

Although Sasha Sokol filed a lawsuit against Luis de Llano, for illegal conduct against a minor, the producer has not shown concern, and has launched strong comments, to which Sasha Sokol has already reacted.

The singer Sasha Sokol spoke of the recent apology that Yordi Rosado offered her, after not having come to her defense, when Luis de Llano confirmed that they had a relationship when she was a minor.

Given this, the former member of Timbiriche thanked the driver for his support, and although he did not blame him, he assured that he should have questioned the former producer, since this is an action that should not be normalized:

“If he had, without judging Luis, because it is not his role, but not normalizing Luis’s response, it seems to me that he would have been more empathetic, in this case with me,” he said, this after he lashed out at the driver.

Although the interview with the singer was carried out normally, the situation changed abruptly, when Sasha heard the statements of Luis de Llano, who assures that he does not regret anything and is proud of his career, before this, the famous could not stand the crying, showing great affect and answering: “What can you expect from a person who plays a 14-year-old girl? I have nothing more to say. I am a woman who raised her voice, it is not that I consider it or not ”, with which she ended the interviews.

It was the same producer Luis de Llano, who confirmed that he had a relationship with Sasha Sokol, when he was 39 years old and the singer was 14.

At that time he was a producer of the youth band “Timbiriche” and she was one of the members, a situation that the singer Sasha Sokol has pointed out as a “position of power”.