Sasha Sokol reflects on the abuse she experienced and “the shamelessness” of Luis de Llano

It’s been a year since Sasha Sokol publicly accepted the abuse who suffered from the producer Louis de Llanoand through their networks, the singer reflected on it, and shared the teachings and what is still missing so that justice is done; she does it today International Women’s Day.

“Today marks one year of having publicly accepted the asymmetric and abusive relationship that I lived When i was a child. The damage that caused me accompanies me now as a woman. In this time I have discovered a lot. For example, that I am not alone and that those who believe me strengthen me; but also that much remains to be done for society to support the victims.”

Sasha admitted that in this time he has had to face many things, such as the shame of being abused and the shamelessness of an abuser who feels untouchable; The interpreter also shared three great lessons that this experience has left you and this fight so that Minors do not suffer sexual abuse.

“I have had to face many thingssuch as the shame of having been abused, the shamelessness of an abuser who feels untouchable, and re-victimization by those who question my story. I summarize and share some of what I have learned in the following:

-That my silence (or yours) not be your hideout.
-It is difficult to act, but it is extremely painful not to do it.
-If in the face of injustice you remain neutral, you are on the side of the aggressor.

Sasha’s complaint

with the strong message “See you in court” directed to the mexican producer Louis De Llano, singer Sasha Sokol explained the situation of sexual abuse who lived in his childhood at the hands of whom at that time he was his representative.

In June 2022, the Timbiriche member wrote:

I thought I wouldn’t have to talk about this anymore. but the circumstances leave me no choice. Luis is lying when he wants to involve my parents saying the relationship was ‘transparent’. Nothing is further from the truth,” he said.

The statement was a Sokol’s response to De Llano’s words a week ago where he assured that he had had a “transparent” and “open” relationship with the young womanny that at all times your family and his close ones were aware.

The producer apologized to the model for having spoken of a private situation that he considered, it was only up to the two of them and expressed his admiration for Sasha.

«My relationship with Sasha Sökol was always open and transparent on the part of her and her family. At all times and under all circumstances we give each other respect, company, empathy, love and understanding…”, said the ex-producer of Timbiriche.

At this, Sasha mentioned that when it started his relationship with De Llano at the age of 14, had to wait more than two years to tell his motherwho upon finding out did everything possible for separating them, and “faced it.”

“By trying to blame it on my mom, —people who can’t see what they don’t see—simply dilute the responsibility of the only culprit. And there is nothing that revictimizes the victim more what to keep the impunity of the perpetrator,” Sokol explained.

The relationship between Sasha and De Llano was in the public eye for years but the issue returned to gain strength after De Llano stated during an interview with Yordi Rosado have had one relationship with Sokol when she was 17 years old which, according to what he said, it lasted six months.

After these statements, On March 8, 2022, Sasha denied Luis and assured that the time that lasted their relationship lasted almost four years cStarting when she I was 14 years old and he was 39.

He also assured than the great economic power and influence in the entertainment industry that De Llano had at that time stopped his family’s attempts to denounce for fear of ruining his career.

In the same statement Sasha explained the term grooming“, which refers to the actions undertaken by an adult with the intention of creating an emotional bond with a minor to sexually abuse her.

«Luis was admired and applauded by everyone around me. Can you imagine what it feels like a minor receiving the attention of someone like that? Being seen by him made me feel like the most special girl in the world,” she said.