Scandal between Ecuador and Chile for the ticket to the World Cup: the charges of the soccer player denounced against La Roja

Byron Castillo played eight games in the Qualifiers: two of them were vs. Chile (Photo: Reuters) (MARCELO HERNANDEZ/)

What had begun in the field of journalistic versions entered the real legal battlefield. Ecuador Y Chili have a dispute with Qatar World Cup in the spotlight after the presentation of The Red in the last hours before FIFA denouncing the bad inclusion of footballer Byron Castilloabout whom they assure that he was born in Colombia.

The conflict broke out after the statement from the National Professional Football Association (ANFP) of Chile that demanded a response: “The world of football cannot close its eyes to so many tests. The practice of serious and conscious irregularities in the registration of players cannot be accepted, especially when we are talking about a world competition. There must be fair play on and off the pitch.”

The counteroffensive from the other side was not long in coming and the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) issued a letter to go out against the Chilean accusation. “Given the unfounded rumors spread to public opinion, with the clear objective of destabilizing the Ecuadorian Football Federation, we hereby categorically reject any attempt by those who seek to prevent their participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.which was legitimately obtained on the court and respecting all the principles and values ​​that emanate from sport, as well as all the legal norms in force in the Ecuadorian State and international sports law”, the text opened.

“Regarding our selected, Mr. Byron Castillo, we must be emphatic that the soccer player is an Ecuadorian citizen for all legal purposes, both in the civil sphere and in sports, being duly registered with the competent national authority. and having all the national documentation in order. Each and every one of the summons of the players that our federation makes for its different National Teams are carried out in strict adherence to the current legal norm and with the documentation that demonstrates the Ecuadorian nationality of those summoned”, they clarified about Castillo and opened the door to “demonstrate before FIFA or before the body that is necessary” that the classification to Qatar was “legal”.

Byron Castillo responds to the ANFP after the lawsuit imposed on Ecuador before Fifa for false documentation / (Instagram: byron4590)
Some of Byron Castillo’s posts against Chile (Photo: Instagram: byron4590)

But the official organ of the country that the Argentine Gustavo Alfaro directs soccer was not the only one to pronounce itself, since the Castillo himself used his official account Instagram to point directly against Chile. “On TV”he wrote in a post he shared with a series of photos and videos celebrating qualifying for Qatar.

But the strongest came from his stories, where he replied to a series of memes from other accounts aimed at The Red and also spicy messages. “Watch us on TV”, “We to Qatar and those hp to see them on TV” Y “watch us on TV crybaby” They were some of the comments from other profiles that Castillo decided to replicate from his account.

The four direct tickets delivered by the South American Qualifiers were in the hands of Brazil (45), Argentina (39), Uruguay (28) and Ecuador (26)while Peru (24) was placed in the playoff to be played in June against the winner of the United Arab Emirates-Australia. Sixth place went to Columbia (23) and the seventh for Chili (19).

But what is the claim based on? The Red to reach the World Cup? Castillo played 8 games in the Qualifiers and two were against Chile: 0-0 draw in Quito and 2-0 away victory in Santiago. Five points that, if they were given to the Chilean team, would make them climb to 24 units. In return, the 23-year-old footballer who plays for Barcelona in Ecuador was not present neither before Peru nor before Colombia.

FIFA has already drawn the groups for Qatar 2022 – which will be played from November 21 to December 18 – and Ecuador will face its fourth World Cup participation after 2002 (1st round), 2006 (8th round) and 2014 (1st round). The cast of Alfaro will debut on Monday 21 against the host Qatarthen it will collide Friday 25 with the Netherlands and finally you will meet Senegal on Tuesday 29.


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