Scare, screams and runs: all the videos of Guanyu Zhou’s brutal accident in Formula 1

The grand prize of Formula 1 Great Britain It was the best race of the season because it had several alternatives and it was fighting for the first positions with four leaders. But the competition at the Silverstone Autodrome was marked at the start by the Guanyu Zhou’s terrible accident that overturned and traveled 200 meters inverted with his Alfa Romeo between the asphalt and the leca bed. After the GP, videos circulated on social networks with shocking images taken from the grandstand by fans and showing that the 23-year-old Chinese driver was reborn.

Screams, astonishment, fright, bullfights converge in the testimonies in which the shock of the Asian is noticed with greater speed. In the first video you can see where and how his vehicle ended up and why the auxiliaries took so long to rescue him, since he was between the guardrail and the fence. There it is observed George Russell (Mercedes), who inadvertently touched him at the start. The English pilot approached to try to help his colleague.

In the second cut it is seen how one of the spectators runs away to prevent any part of the car from ending up in the stands, but the fence fulfilled its function and contained the car, although the position in which the vehicle was left was striking. If it had caught fire, perhaps Zhou would not have told it due to the delay in removing it from the car.

In the third part you hear “My God” and how the engine sounds after the crash. After being trapped, the drive went out and security personnel came to rescue the Chinese.

Alex Albon’s post, who was left under observation (@alex_albon)

The mechanics of the accident involved four cars and three of them were left out. Arriving at the first corner Russell closed to avoid being overtaken by Pierre Gasley (Alpha Tauri), who touched the English, who in turn rammed Zhou. Behind them Albon took his foot off the accelerator in shock and was touched by Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin), but the Thai was also left out. Zhou overturned his car and the images paralyzed everyone’s hearts. The race was neutralized until they managed to rescue the Chinese.

The one left under observation was Albon, who on his social networks was glad that Zhou was well. “All good, pets are fine,” he joked. “But what is more important, I’m glad Guanyu Zhou is fine. Thanks to the medical staff and for all the messages. Eyes already on Austria”, wrote the Thai.

While Russell posted: “First of all, the most important thing is that Zhou is fine. That was a scary incident and all credit to the paramedics and medical team for their quick response. Obviously gutted to finish the race like this and I feel sorry for the team and the fans. Cheering for LH (Lewis Hamilton) from the garage.”

Guanyu Zhou crash from the stands

Zhou wrote on Sunday and thanked the Halo for saving him and in preliminary activity with the Formula 2 There was already another pilot who could tell it and it was the Israeli Roy Nissanywhich was hit by the Norwegian Dennis Haugerwho was not actually to blame for the incident and in fact Nissany was penalized by the stewards, since he drove along one of the extensions of the track, returned to the track and caused contact with Hauger, who lost control and his car, when stepping on the little pianos, it acted as a trampoline and fell on Nissany’s.

Resisted in its beginnings, the Halo was even a trend in the networks due to the memes against it. But that “eyeball” that generated repudiation and was the center of jokes became the most important security measure in the last four years in motorsports worldwide and began to be used in Argentina this season. In the world of F1 and its minor categories, this preventive element has already saved seven lives.

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) for several years has set itself the goal of a head guard for drivers in Formula cars. The development to realize it advanced due to the accident of the remembered jules bianchiwhose Marussia was thrown into a tow truck that was removing the Sauber from Adrian Subtle. The incident was in Japan 2014 and Bianchi died the following year after spending nine months in a coma due to injuries received. His incident changed history and accelerated the timeframe for the arrival of the Halo.

There were alternatives and one of them was a fighter jet-style cover called “aeroscreen”, which was proposed by the Argentine engineer Enrique Scalabroni. But the FIA ​​ended up using the Halo and since its appearance four years ago it has been key to preserving the integrity of the competitors, especially when one car passes or finishes above the other.

The Halo is made of titanium and is a bar that can withstand large impacts and large objects, such as wheels, protective barriers and resists up to 12 tons. Although there was something that failed in Zhou’s accident, which was the upper part located behind the pilot, which did not withstand the impact and broke. It is something that the FIA ​​will have to analyze.

Since its implementation, although at first it made it difficult for the pilots to see, they were the ones who adapted to the element. One of the most remembered incidents in F1 was in Belgium 2018, when Fernando Alonso’s car was hit and shot over Charles Leclerc’s Sauber.

Guanyu Zhou accident
This is how Guanyu Zhou ended, between the guardrail and the fence (@victorabadf1)

Another strong accident that year that once again saved a life was that of Marcus Ericson in Monza, when in practice on Friday the DRS failed in the Swede’s Sauber, which suffered a spectacular accident with flight and rollover included in the fastest area of ​​the legendary Italian racetrack.

Added to the horrifying accident of Romain Grosjean in Bahrain 2020, where the Frenchman’s Haas was embedded in the guardrails before burning brutally; Fortunately, the pilot got out by his own feet after several minutes of anguish in the middle of the flames.

The last time he fulfilled his role was again in Monza, but last year, where the head and neck of Lewis Hamilton avoided a tragedy thanks to the presence of the Halo in their accident, in which Max Verstappen ended with his Red Bull on top of the Mercedes.

From their first race on May 13, 1950 at the same Silverstone Autodrome, they were a total of 44 drivers killed in different F1 events. there were several advances in security measures and the Halo stands out as one of the most important for the lives it saved in just five seasons.


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