Scared? Marlene Favela reveals that she purified the ‘El Maleficio’ forum with holy water

Marlene Favela stars in the remake of “El Maleficio” alongside Fernando Colunga.


The long-awaited remake of “El Maleficio” premiered this Monday with the leading performances of Fernando Colunga and Marlene Favela, who did not hesitate to take action in the face of the paranormal reputation that this soap opera has.

It is known to all that “El Maleficio”, originally broadcast in 1983, It has a reputation as a “damned soap opera” that has transcended over the years due to the strange phenomena that were recorded on the recording set: from the vision of strange silhouettes to disturbing rumors about the “Enrique de Martino” painting.

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Aware of this, Marlene Favela took some measures to ward off “bad vibes” during the filming of the remake of “El Maleficio,” as she herself confessed to the media outside a luxurious restaurant in Polanco.


The producer of “El Maleficio”, José Alberto Castro, brought together the entire cast of this soap opera in a restaurant in Polanco to enjoy the premiere of the first episode, and upon leaving Marlene Favela did not hesitate to make a shocking revelation to the media at the cconfirm that paranormal experiences did happen during the filming, so he took measures:

“There is a lamp that goes up and down, so now that we were in Rome I brought holy water.”

“Things have happened to us, there is a lamp there that goes up and down in intensity, that’s why now that we were in Rome I brought holy water to ward off bad vibes. In the morning I cross myself, my daughter too, and I bring my little bottle”, revealed the actress, leaving more than one person shocked.

About working with “El Güero” Castro and Fernando Colunga, Marlene Favela had nothing but kind words for the producer and the actoras she pointed out that her co-star is a true gentleman, while “El Güero” has been very flexible so that she can fulfill her responsibilities as a mother.