Scream Mexico Apertura 2021: this is how the official hours of the semifinals remained

The two finalists will meet on Sunday after the Altas vs Pumas duel (Photo: Twitter / @ AtlasFC)

The path towards the title has already been laid, we only need to know who will be the protagonists in the final duel; Four clubs will define the two finalists: Atlas will be measured against Cougars and Tigers will face Lion corresponding to the semifinal matches of the Scream Mexico Opening 2021.

After some exciting quarter-finals, these four teams made it to the stage. The Red and black they were in charge of kicking out one of the favorites, Monterrey; the university students for their part eliminated America; Tigers he got rid of Santos with an agonizing goal from Carlos Salcedo, and León beat Puebla at home to reverse the poor result in the first leg.

This Monday the MX League made official the schedules in which the clashes will take place to find out who will be the two finalists who will dispute the title. Of course, there will be a new monarch since Cruz Azul is a few days away from giving up the throne.

This is how the semifinal schedules were defined (Photo: <a class=Twitter: @LIGABBVAMX)” height=”1000″ src=”” width=”1000″ />
This is how the semifinal schedules were defined (Photo: Twitter: @LIGABBVAMX)

Matches and schedules

Leon vs Tigers

The Going It will be played at the University Stadium, in Nuevo León, on Wednesday December 1 at 9:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time). The return match will be in the Nou Camp Stadium Saturday December 4 at 9:00 p.m.

Atlas vs Pumas

The first leg will be played in the University Olympic Stadium Thursday, December 2 at 9:00 p.m.

The second leg will be on Sunday, December 5 at the Jalisco Stadium at 7:00 p.m.

Pumas gave one of the best matches of the tournament against America (Photo: José Méndez / EFE)
Pumas gave one of the best matches of the tournament against America (Photo: José Méndez / EFE) (José Méndez /)

Three of the four semifinalists respond to the regularity during the Opening 2021. Only The Eagles del América could not support that record in the elimination phase. Atlas, León and Tigres, who were seeded as two, three and four of the tournament table respectively, now fight to add one more trophy to their showcases.

Cougars it is the reflection of one of the biggest complaints that has been given to Mexican soccer. You can play “bad” for much of the championship, but if you have a good finish, there are chances of fighting for the title. The Felines were classified until the last day to the playoffs due to a bad result of Pachuca and a hurried victory against Cruz Azul; then they had to defeat Toluca and later the Azulcremas in the quarterfinals.

One of the teams that received the most criticism was América after falling 3 to 1 in the Aztec stadium. From the operation of the squad and strategist, to the weight of the visiting fans in a “local” field. There are those who demand the departure of Santiago Solari, Santiago Baños and some players.

Tigres is emerging as the team to win in this final phase (Photo: Miguel Sierra / EFE)
Tigres is emerging as the team to win in this final phase (Photo: Miguel Sierra / EFE) (MIGUELSIERRA /)

Two of the “favorite” teams no longer compete (Monterrey and America), now, the one who carries the label of “rival to beat” is Tigres, especially because of the depth of their squad and because of the experience of Miguel Herrera in the league. While León is also a team to consider, Ariel Holan is “new” in these contexts, and that inexperience could play in favor of the Northerners.

The Foxes and the Auriazules They do not carry that favoritism, despite the fact that they are clubs with a great tradition within Aztec football. For some, neither of these two teams has the power to meet face-to-face with the Green bellies or with Tigers. Although, soccer can always give surprises.

For now, you have to watch the games expectantly to find out who best reaches a final game. If Atlas wins, it is certain that the final match will be in the historic Jalisco Stadium; while if Pumas wins, the defining commitment would be at the Nou Camp or at the volcano.


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