Sebastián, the son of Alfredo Adame, publishes photos of his heavily beaten face

  • The situation caused his fans to send him messages of support and admiration.

The son of actor Alfredo Adame, Sebastián, set off alarm bells among his followers after he published some photographs in a hospital bed with his face brutally beaten.

Despite the fact that some of the Internet users believed that it was a recent post and showed their concern for the young man, he had to go out to clarify the situation because it caused confusion.

The situation caused his fans to send him messages of support and admiration when he saw him seriously injured, however, Sebastián said that the strong episode happened in 2017.

“Hey, by the way, this is not from now because I think they thought that it just happened to me, this is from an accident in 2017, but thanks to that, it gave me the confidence to come out openly gay with my family. As the month of pride approaches, I wanted to share it, ”she specified.

It is worth mentioning that the young man has been in the midst of controversy over the strong statements his father has made against the LGBTIQ+ community, because although Alfredo has been part of the Pride March and even participated in the press conference organized by the Gay Pride Committee last March, recently branded actor Polo Morín crazy and “sissy”.