Sectur will project Tamtoc to enhance cultural tourism in SLP

The site contains vestiges that are at least 2,600 years old.

Following the request of the Governor of San Luis Potosí, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, to promote the archaeological, cultural, architectural and natural sites of the entity, the head of the Secretary of Tourism (Sectur) Aurora Mancilla Castro, toured the archaeological site of Tamtoc, in the municipality of Tamuín, which treasures the vestiges of the Huasteca Indigenous Culture.

In the company of the Executive Coordinator of the Council for the Heritage of Historic Areas and Centers of the State, Juan Carlos Machinena Morales, the official highlighted the enormous potential that Tamtoc has to promote it in Mexico and the world, since surprising discoveries have been made such as the “Monolith 32” and “The Scarified Woman”, which was even exhibited in a Paris museum recently for its extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship.

“The expansion of the Tamuín airport will be a work that will bring great benefit to the Huasteca area and particularly to this archaeological site, since the arrival of a greater number of tourists attracted by the surprising findings will boost tourism in San Luis Potosí”, he explained. Mancilla Castro.

Located next to the Tampaón River and epicenter where the Huasteca Culture flourished around 600 years before Christ, Tamtoc is considered by specialists as a place that could change the history of pre-Hispanic civilizations in our country, due to the magnitude of the remains found.

The great attraction of the site is undoubtedly the “Monolith 32”, a gigantic Lunar Calendar of almost 30 tons of weight and 28 square meters of surface, which was found on the morning of February 24, 2005 by the team led by the archaeologist Guillermo Ahuja Ormaechea.