Security mistakes Slipknot member for a fan and won’t let him upload

Michael Pfaff, Slipknot drummer, was the protagonist of this funny scene that was left to stay on the Internet.

Slipknot is one of the most popular metal bands in history, due to its raucous sound that many love and many don’t; however, there is no doubt that they are all legends.

That is why they have managed to tour all over the world and that has also included Mexico, where the band is highly appreciated.

The band is at its peak, as it recently managed to surpass Bad Bunny in a list of the most listened to songs, but over the weekend they performed in Guadalajara and a more than funny anecdote occurred.

It was on December 5 when Slipknot appeared at the Calle 2 forum to delight their fans with their music, and even Corey Taylor called everyone present as his family, the concert went well until a peculiar incident occurred. went viral on social media.

It all happened when Michael Pfaff, the band’s percussionist, was confused by security who held him back so he wouldn’t get to the stage thinking he was a crazy fan who wanted to get on with his idols.

The strange postcard of a magical Mexico was recorded by many of the attendees who took it upon themselves to make the moment go viral and leave it for posterity.

In the images it is seen how the musician tries to reach the stage while the staff holds him back and struggles with him; however, he ultimately manages to make it to the stage.