Selena Gomez assured that her only friend is Taylor Swift, forgetting Francia Raisa, to whom she donated a kidney

Although the new documentary of Selena Gomez has revealed some of his most intimate experiences and human behind the great fame that the singer owns, On the other hand, what has caused in the public has not been entirely positive, for a statement that was apparently intended to promote his project ended with a great wave of criticism against him.

Following the premiere of Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me, a documentary that addresses the life and work of the American singer, the project that brings together the public and private moments of celebrity has caused great controversy and not necessarily apparently on the platform of AppleTV+where he offers viewers a sincere look at her –from 2016 to the present-, but for an interview who wanted to publicize it.

In full tour to promote the material that took more than 6 years to see the light, the pop singer granted an interviewa few days ago to the magazine rolling stone, where at one point, while talking about her personal life, the singer and actress unexpectedly mentioned that her “only friend in the industry” it is Taylor Swift, forgetting completely to the actress France Raisa who donated a kidney.

“I never fit in with a cool group of girls. that they were celebrities. My only friend in the industry really is Taylor, So I remember feeling like I didn’t belong.” declared the former girl Disney for said musical medium, starting a wave of severe criticism against himof the project and even of Swift herself, who has not commented on the matter.

As expected, the interpreter who has shot some fairly successful movies, the latest of which it was How I Met Your Father, reacted with a single word on social networks, which although almost immediately was deleted, it had already been saved for the fans of both. With a “interesting”, the interpretations of the fans bet to a nuisance against Gomez, because although it does not have the international success of the former country girl, if she is famous and belongs to the industry.

Due to the high demand of their fans to know what had motivated her to give these statements and forget of the famous that in the year 2017 give him a new chance of life by donating a kidney, that at first both were very close they shared their story with the rest of the worldbut soon left to see them together Selena has had to face the consequences of his words.

I’m sorry I didn’t mention all the people I know”, expressed the pop singer in response to criticism, although he did not address the issue of their friendship with the famous donor actress directly, since the distance between the two has been so notorious that no one overlooks that she no longer follows to France in Instagramsomething that is not trivial in the entertainment industry.

What did Gomez really mean by “inside the industry” friendships?

The debate between fans and detractors in social networks has taken two marked bets, because while the former assure that referred to the specific group of singersbranch to which she belongs and Taylor Swift too, the second think that it was something general and therefore I wasn’t being thankful to the gesture that the actress had with the singer by donating one of his kidneys in 2017 due to suffering from Selena Gomez lupus.