Selena Gomez Clarifies New Drama With Her Kidney Donor

“I’m sorry I didn’t mention all the people I know.” However, no one misses the fact that she no longer follows France on Instagram.

Selena Gomez is on tour to promote her new documentary for Apple TV and the interview she gave a few days ago to Rolling Stone magazine has unexpectedly raised blisters.

At one point, while discussing her personal life, the singer-actress casually mentioned that her “only friend in the industry” is Taylor Swift.

That in itself is nothing new because the close relationship between the two artists is well known by all their fans.

However, many wonder if Selena mentioned the pop star to actually insult another person who once played a very important role in her story.

This is Francia Raisa, the woman who donated a kidney to him in 2017 and who until then was a little-known television actress who was not even in Selena’s innermost circle.

At first, the two were very close as they shared their story with the rest of the world, but they soon stopped seeing each other.

Then rumors of an estrangement surfaced that France did not approve of her former friend’s lifestyle, and Selena’s latest comment has been interpreted as evidence that they are no longer in contact.

In fact, the alleged alluded to reacted to an Instagram post that echoed Selena’s statements by writing “interesting”, but shortly after she deleted the comment.