Self-criticism of Cauteruccio and spicy message of Alan Ruiz for Ortigoza: the reactions after the scandal in Aldosivi-San Lorenzo

Cauteruccio’s apologies for his expulsion from San Lorenzo

The last game they starred in Aldosivi and San Lorenzo in Mar del Plata it was characterized by the chaos that broke out on the playing field. Fernando Rapallini had the difficult task of expelling four players: Nestor Ortigoza, Nicolás Fernández Mercau and Nahuel Barrios of the Cyclone next to Martin Cauteruccio on the side of Shark. The latter, regretting his actions, published an apology on his social networks and explained everything that happened.

“With respect to what happened last night, I apologize to my teammates, the club and all the fans who were enjoying the game. The situation got out of hand. As players we have to become aware of what our attitudes generate on the court and with violence nothing is solved. Soccer is joy and we have to enjoy it in peace ”, wrote the Uruguayan who minutes later received the support of both current teammates and previous clubs.

It should be noted that the conflict broke out 10 minutes into the first half after a violation of Fabricio Coloccini about Nicolás Fernández Mercau. Ortigoza and Cauteruccio, former teammates of the 2014 Copa Libertadores champion San Lorenzo, met and the referee of the match decided to show the red card to both. The bad moment of the Cyclone is demonstrated both in the results and in the emotional fragility that the squad handled as they lost due to the goal of Gabriel Hauche.

Cauteruccio Alan Ruiz
Alan Ruiz did not save anything and attacked Ortigoza on his Instagram account

Who appeared on social media to add fuel to the fire was Alan Ruiz, another former player of the Cyclone. “You are crack friend. Much smoke the chubby on the other side. Let’s go up, friend ”, fired in support of the Uruguayan striker with a photo on the television. The current tip of Sarandí Arsenal, which also wore the San Lorenzo jersey in two different cycles, further deepened the internal that existed during the time that the club was champion of America with Edgardo bauza as a coach.

The scandal at the José María Minella lasted several minutes and went on his way to the locker room, with runs in the tunnel. Before retiring, Ortigoza crossed with the referee, again with Cauteruccio and other rivals and insulted to the Aldosivi coach, Martin Palermo. The Crow is located in the second to last position and a victory of the Viaduct could leave those led by Diego Monarriz in the last position of the Professional Football League in the absence of three days to the end of it.


Scandal in Aldosivi-San Lorenzo: Ortigoza and Cauteruccio fought on the field and the brawl continued in the tunnel

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