September 2023 was the hottest in history with temperature records

The ninth month of 2023 has been unusually hot and experts have expressed their surprise (Illustrative image Infobae)

While the entire planet has broken temperature records in 2023, September has marked a historical milestone by becoming the hottest on record on the planet, in a strange beginning of the northern autumn, which also contributes to this year being nominated to be the most warm since the data is collected.

According to Japan Meteorological Agencythe ninth month of 2023 was the fourth consecutive to register a unprecedented heat in the northern hemisphere and surpassed the previous monthly record, set in 2020 with 0.5 °C. September maintained a climate similar to what would be July, the middle of northern summer, which means that it was abnormally warm with a temperature average air temperature of 16.4°C (61.4°F), 0.93°C higher than the 1991 to 2020 average, and 1.75°C higher than the September for the previous period.

The data, published on October 5 by the European Union Copernicus Climate Change Servicethey point out that there has never been a month so abnormally warm since their records began. “The unprecedented temperatures for the time of year observed in September “They have broken records,” he said. Samantha Burgessdeputy director of the organization, in a statement.

The month was full of important weather events such as forest fires unpublished in Canadathe floods devastating in Libya, Greece, Türkiye and Bulgaria. South America was also suffocated by a heat unprecedented and record rains flooded NY. As if that were not enough, also the sea ice of the Antarctica reached historic lows for this time of year.

It should be noted that the ocean temperatures were also disturbed during Septembersince the average sea surface reached 20.92°C (69.66°F), which is the highest recorded in the ninth month of the year and the second maximum for any month, after August this 2023.

South America under a scorching sun, despite being in the middle of winter, reflecting the unprecedented heat wave affecting the continent.
Global extreme heat trends have placed 2023 as a serious candidate to be the hottest year in history (Illustrative image Infobae)

Finally, the estimates of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of USA indicate that there is more than 93% probability that this year will become the most hot of history.

September has brought 2023 to the questionable honor of first place: on track to be the most warm and about 1.4°C above temperatures preindustrial average,” said Burgess.